An email list is simply a collection of email addresses that are given to you with the implied permission that the recipient is will to receive emails from you. Sometimes prospects fill out a form to get a free item, subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase and enter their details. All of these emails are collected into a database that allows you to easily send out messages both immediately and also scheduled on an automated basis to people on your list, or specific email addresses they you choose.

Here are the main reasons why an email list is an essential part of your online business success.

Email Is a Professional Way to Contact Customers

Almost every consumer is accustomed to giving their email address to a business entity, or they realize that when they make a purchase the business asks to have their email address. This is a common way to communicate and contact customers and is accepted by most people.

Email Software Offers Simple Automation

A really special function that you can do with email marketing software is to automate some parts of your email messages to your customers, leads and prospects. This means that messages that are educational, standard (like thank you messages) and more will be created once and sent to each person when appropriate, based on how you set up your autoresponder software.

Email Enables You to Add Value to Your Subscribers’ Lives

When you use email to contact people who have signed up to receive your messages, you are connected to them 24/7 in a very intimate way. This affords you the opportunity, if you plan for it, to add extreme value to your customers’ lives by sending them information that solves their problems.

Email Marketing Increases Conversion Rates

There is no denying that email marketing is one of the most, if not the most, effective forms of marketing that has ever existed. By using email to teach prospects about your business and offerings, you can increase conversions and thus revenue.

Email Marketing Creates Repeat Customers

Your best bet for increasing sales is always to keep your customers happy and well informed so that they become repeat customers and give referrals. Repeat customers offer you the ability to increase your income exponentially. You simply need to use the customer list to tell them about other offerings they may be interested in and remember to offer existing customers specials prior to the general public as this really builds loyalty.

Email Allows You to Get to Know Your Audience Better

Since email is so intimate, you can use the email to send out polls, to find out information about your audience. Some email software will let you know things about your audience simply based on the information they can get from the person’s email address and the files on record with Google and other email address providers.

Email Keeps You Super Close to Your Customers

As almost everyone seems to have a smartphone of some description or another you’re always with your customers. It doesn’t even matter if the message is automatic; you can contact them 24/7 easily with a simple click of a button.

Email Allows You to Educate Your Audience

One of the best features of having an email address for leads, prospects or clients is that you can send them information that educates them about their problems and then introduces them to your solutions, without browbeating anyone or having to make cold calls.

Having an email list means that you spend some time collecting email addresses from leads, prospects and customers. Then you utilize this information to send them information pertaining to their problems, offering solutions that you have created or that you have tried that others have created. Email marketing is a win-win for everyone involved and every single business should be utilizing it.


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