If you are selling on Amazon, one of the most important areas to pay attention to are the descriptions of your products. Here are some hints on how to write effective ones.

Selling on Amazon

There are a number of opportunities for selling on Amazon, including selling eBooks you have written, which can be sold through their Kindle program. Physical products can be sold via the Amazon Marketplace or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Physical products need to have an UPC/EAN and SKU in order to be eligible.

Writing a Great Description

When listing your items, you need to write a great description so that your item will be found, and it will be compelling enough to buy. A good description will help your item get found on the search engines and at Amazon.

There are several key elements to include:


What category is the item in? What is it called? Be as descriptive as possible. If you are writing a non-fiction eBook, consider putting “How to” somewhere in the title as these types of books are very popular online. The description should read as naturally as possible and not be stuffed full of keywords just to try to get the attention of the search engines.

Amazon also allows you to choose two categories for your eBooks and up to seven keywords or keyphrases, so make the most of them. Be sure you are using accurate terms so nothing might mislead the shopper. Don’t say your book is about time management, for example, if it is about increasing productivity and efficiency.

A table of contents

Include a table of contents on the product page. This will get you more keywords and help attract readers who might not click the cover to open the book and look.

Follow Amazon’s rules

  • Include only product-related information
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Keep it short, or your product page may be removed completely
  • Make sure the description matches your product images

A few additional requirements for product pages as a whole are also worth mentioning:

  • For media listings: no spoilers!
  • No testimonials or quotes of any kind allowed, though you can add these in an editorial section of your page
  • No promoting anything at all except the product itself
  • No fancy formatting or executable scripts. Basic html to use might include bold but otherwise, keep it simple

And yet, you do regularly find best-selling product descriptions inserting line breaks (despite Amazon’s repeated statements that they’re not allowed or don’t work) and flagrantly violating other rules like including review quotes.

Make it easy to scan

Don’t make your description one big long paragraph. Break it up. Skip lines between paragraphs.

Use bullet points to keep things short and concise.

Focus on features and benefits

Use bullet points to discuss the top features of your item, and what the benefits are. For example, if you have created a book about increased productivity, the benefits would be more done in less time, impressing your boss, earning more money, getting your work/life balance back, and so on.

People hear some words so often that they ignore them. Use your description to set your product apart from the competition, not to sound exactly the same. Leave out the bland corporate adjectives everyone uses, and make sure your description is as unique as your product.

Features are important, but benefits help customers picture a better life if they buy your product, which will make them more than likely to click to buy. Most people want to save time, money, enhance their appearance, get a good deal, and so on. Gear your copy towards these typical motivations as much as possible and you should be able to write effective product descriptions that will resonate with your target audience.

Writing Great Descriptions for Your Products When Selling on Amazon
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