There is a saying that women shop, and men buy and in my opinion this is true, men are more likely to make a faster decision if they believe they are getting good value, while women are more likely to take their time understanding the companies values in addition to the quality of the product before buying… although saying this, my wife loves to buy items on sale and always comes back and say’s I’ve saved so much money, me being a man just shake my head and mutter… if you hadn’t have bought them that would have saved much more.

It All Goes Back To the Hunter-Gatherer Society

There are some theories about the hunter-gatherer society and how it affects the way men and women shop. Simply put men hunted, and women gathered. Men had to find their prey and kill it right away or risk losing it and starting again. Women would forage for the right and freshest berries to eat, and just the right mushrooms or they risked killing their family. Some claim that this is why men buy, and women shop, it’s all about survival and natural instincts.

Women Buy More than Men

There are a lot of jokes about spendthrift women, and how women control the purse strings, but there are reasons for this. Even in today’s modern society, women do most of the child rearing and caring for a family’s needs. Therefore the lion’s share of shopping falls to women, not for handbags and shoes, but for items her entire family needs.

Appeal to Women to Access Others

Women buy for men, their parents, their children, and their friends. If you want to sell your electric razor, you need to appeal to the woman in his life. If you want to sell almost anything from items for the elderly to items for children, it’s important to do the research necessary to appeal to the shoppers in their lives, and these shoppers are generally women.

Create a Connection with Your Audience

Whether your market consists of mostly men or women, the one thing that remains the same is that your ability to get your audience to purchase from you, depends on whether or not you’ve managed to engage them. You need to understand why and how your audience buys anything. Once you can connect the why and the how with the emotional connection to your audience, you’ll make many, many more sales.

Keep Studying Your Market

As much as things seem to stay the same, they do change over time. Today more men than ever before are responsible for child care and family care and more women are breadwinners. Who knows what effect this will have on buying decisions for men and women, it’s up to you as a business owner to keep doing your research and never stop studying your particular market. It’s very dangerous to say “always” anything when it comes to marketing.

Studies show that most men spend an average of about twenty minutes shopping, while women can shop all day and choose not to buy anything. If men compromise most of your audience then you’ll need to keep that in mind. If women comprise most of your audience you can rest assured they are going to want to find all the information they can, compare you to others, and then make their choice.

Men Shoppers Versus Women Shoppers
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