Imagine having a successful sales funnel in place, which allowed you to look at the number of subscribers at every level of the funnel, and with this information you could pretty accurately predict what sales are going to be from day to day or week to week. It would be pretty awesome to be in such a position would it not?

If you’ve got your own sales funnel in place, though, and your numbers aren’t looking all that spectacular, chances are you have a leak somewhere. Your sales funnel has a hole or two where subscribers are falling through. There are four common causes for funnel leaks and once you know about them they are pretty easy to rectify.

Not enough traffic.

Without visitors to your blog or opt-in pages you’ll have no audience, no engagement and no subscribers. Without subscribers you’ll have very few if any at all sales and without sales you don’t have a business. Yet this is the problem faced by the vast majority of people, how can you get more visitors to your blog and opt-in pages and more subscribers into your sales funnel?

How to Fix

Traffic generation is an entire industry of its own, and there are both paid and free methods of generating traffic. My own particular favourite method of driving traffic is through content marketing, this means that you simply tell a story that is relevant to your audience, this engages them and helps establish you as an authority figure, which in turn means you get a better conversion rate and therefore better sales. If you create lots of content, ensure that it includes basis SEO techniques, the search engines will rank your content well and will deliver more and more visitors to you as you create more and more content.

You should also be present and active in the places where your target customers hang out, whether that’s on social media, in industry based forums, or at live events. You can also use paid advertisements and pay-per-click to drive highly targeted traffic to highly relevant pages. You might try joint venture and affiliate marketing to promote your offers. Plus a whole lot of others ways to drive traffic, I would advise anyone to get into content marketing use this with a few automated tools and techniques to dominate social media and drive tens of thousands of visitors to your website, each and every month… a figure I might add that grows and is only determined by how small your niche is.

No Follow-Up

This is an extremely common leaky funnel mistake that I see a lot and which amazes me. You spend a lot of time and energy driving traffic to your offer, you deliver the goods and get the email address subscription, and then … nothing, no follow-up emails. No special offers, no offers to buy more, no related products or services, just silence and a lost opportunity, no matter what you are selling.

How to fix it

The solution to this is simple, it’s to invest in a backend system that will allow you to send automated emails to your subscribers, even better if it allows you to segment your list based on where they are in your sales funnel.

Did you know that with the correct content marketing strategy you can actually use content to push people through your sales funnel? Imagine producing a peace of content, placing it on your blog and then having that automatically sent to your subscribers, that in essence is how my newsletter works, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday it is automatically generated and sent to my subscribers, best of all is that I know if I produce certain content it will almost certainly generate inquires… not bad and something that can be replicated again and again.

No Call to Action (CTA)

This often happens at the top of the funnel, your blog posts, social media content, podcasts and everything you offer for free must have some kind of call to action, if it doesn’t it’s just content and often just wasted energy.

How to fix

A call to action is often something as simple as “Subscribe to my …. “ or follow me on Twitter… you can work on CTA conversion improvements once you have them, the real secret is to always include them. Every time you write a blog post or an email, as yourself this question, “What do I want my readers to do when they’re done reading/listening/watching this?” That then becomes the basis of your call to action.

No Product Offerings

When you are just starting out you might not have a product to sell and even though you know that you should be building your mailing list, what’s the point if you don’t have anything to sell. The truth is, there are lots of ways to make money in your funnel even if you don’t have a product to sell.

How to fix it

You could form a joint-venture with someone and co-brand a product and then market it to your audience, you could promote affiliate links. No matter what your industry is, there are a variety of tools and products that solve the problems your audience has. Find these tools, form JV or sign up for affiliate programs and recommend these products to your audience. Not only will your audience than you for pointing them in the right direction, but you’ll earn some cash as well.

Got a leaky funnel? With a few tweaks and some attention paid to your follow-up sequences, chances are you can fix those holes and increase your sales… have you got an active sales funnel?

Why Your Sales Funnels Leak   And What To Do About It
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