You may have heard the new way to market without email. You may have even seen coaches talking about how they hate email, funnels, and marketing in general. But, the facts are the facts. Email marketing is not dead. In fact, email marketing has a higher ROI than any other form of marketing. It might even be the very best marketing ever invented. Below are several reasons why you need an email list.

To Grow a Sustainable Business

If you don’t have a bricks and mortar business, you are even more desperate for a list. The reason is that your list is your business. Your list will sustain you no matter what happens to the algorithms, or whether the social platform dies tomorrow.

You Own the List

Unlike Facebook likes, etc., an email list is something you own and will own forever. Depending upon the agreement you make with your subscribers, you can even earn money selling your list. A better way though is to sell space in your newsletter for ads. But the point is, you own it.

You Have a Direct Line to Your Audience

When you have people on an email list, you can actually pick them out and email them directly via your autoresponder system. It’s not the same as your social media updates which they may or may not see.

Without a List Your Funnels Suck

Whether you realize it or not, funnels are important if you want to have a successful, long-term business. It’s how your audience travels through the buying cycle and an important part of building a real business.

You Can Sell Your Business

When you have a lot of customers with a big list, you can sell it to someone else, its an asset of your business. Without the list, you are unlikely to be able to make much money. The big list is a great retirement plan.

It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships

You can build a great relationship with your subscribers by sending updates about your life. And by saying things you don’t normally say on social media, you’ll build closer relationships.

Get More Traffic

When you have a big list, and you send them an update about your blogs, you’ll get more readers and more traffic. They’ll go read your blog, share your blog, and your traffic will go up even more.

Key Business Success Indicator

One way to tell how well your business is doing now and in the long term is that your list is steadily growing and the response rate is growing too. You can tell if something is not right when people unsubscribe at a high rate or your conversion rate goes down.

Think of It Like a Mini ATM

This is sort of rude, but it’s kind of the truth. Whenever you need extra money and you have a good list, if you send a good offer to your list that is relevant, you’ll get between a 2 and 7 percent response rate.

Make More Sales

It’s just a fact that you’re going to make more sales in email than you do straight off your website most of the time. This is why even bigger companies like Amazon and use email, especially when it comes to retargeting.

Email Is Better Than Social Media

You may love social media. You may be having some wonderful results from social media. But, think of this: MySpace, Blab, and even Facebook and Twitter change things and make it harder to market to your audience. They even totally go away. But your email list will always be yours. You can download the list, keep the list, and use the list any way that is legal and ethical for your audience.

Building an email list takes some time; you can go fast or slow, but you need to build it. If you build a great email list that is full of targeted subscribers you will make more sales, and have a better and more sustainable business than if you don’t. Plus, remember the most important thing is that you don’t own your followers on social media; you do own them in your email list.

Why You Really Need an Email List
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