There are so many reasons that you need to clean your dirty lead data, here are a few of them and I am sure you cant think of a few more. Hopefully these help you understand why you need to fix any problems you have with dirty data, keep up your database, and learn how to collect more targeted leads.

Improved Stats

When you have clean lead data, all your stats will improve – from conversions to opens. The reason is that it makes it easier to target your real audience when all the fake, duplicate and inaccurate data is gone.

Better Message Targeting

When you have a clear vision of your audience based on the data you collect from them, your marketing messages will become better. You’ll be able to laser target the information you create toward the right audience and segment them accurately due to having better information.

Better Conversions

When you send messages to a clean list, your conversions (assuming you’ve targeted your audience) will automatically increase. The main reason is that all the dead weight that was on your list before is gone.

Higher ROI

Dead leads cost you money. Your autoresponder or other systems usually charge for the number of people you have in the database, whether they’re responsive or not. Cleaning up your data will increase your ROI in that way. Plus, since you’ll be able to extrapolate better information from clean data, your messaging will be more on target.

Save Time

Cleaning data takes time. If you clean it more often, and actively work toward getting better at collecting good data, you won’t have to spend as much time on cleaning data that hasn’t been cleaned in years.

Save Money

When you don’t have people on your email list that are just taking up space and costing you more money, you’re going to be able to save money on that technology. If you have a sales team that makes sales calls for you and they’re not calling people who are bad leads, that will also save you money.

Improves Segmentation

The best ROI comes with better segmentation. When you collect the right information from your audience, you’ll be able to segment your audience much better. This will then increase the chances of them responding to your offers.

Less Risk

Even though it’s not your fault, when you have bad data you put your entire business at risk due to bouncing messages, angry people getting called who don’t want to be called, and people getting annoyed with messages that aren’t targeted toward them. This will cut down on bounces and will lower your risk of getting your ISP listed as spam.

Keeping your lead data clean is an imperative for your business, and will make a huge difference in your statistics. These stats matter because you can’t do the right thing to target your audience, convert your audience, or even communicate correctly with them if you’re not sure who they are. With dirty data, it can be hard to tell what end is up. Try to clean up your lead data at least yearly.

Why You Need to Clean Your Dirty Lead Data
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