Micro-influencers are people who often (not always) have an Instagram, or a YouTube channel, and who have created an audience within a niche. Typically, you’ll see mostly travel, fitness, beauty, food, and tangible products being unboxed, demonstrated, or otherwise discussed by an influencer, either for pay or just because they like the product.

Increasingly, you’re seeing influencer marketing beyond tangible goods, as software and app creators start using influencers in creative ways too. But, it’s in the niches mentioned above that influencers are used most.
The reasons you want to work with micro-influencers when you can are many. Let’s look at a few.

More Authentic

A person who enthusiastically talks to and shares with their smaller audience automatically seems more authentic. Even though people do have to disclose if they’re sponsored in some way, viewers still trust smaller influencers consisting of “regular people” more than they do actors or stars. The trust quotient is a lot higher due to this factor.

Improved Targeting

When there is a smaller audience, it’s easier for you to know whether they’re the right target audience for you to try to attract. When an influencer has a million followers, their brand is often too diluted to make much of a difference for your needs and you likely won’t be able to afford them anyway. If you could, it might be a waste of money. Targeting in a narrower way increases sales.

Increased Engagement

When a micro-influencer can answer questions, respond to their viewers, and communicate with them personally, engagement is always better. When an influencer gets too popular, it makes it harder for them to work on engagement due to so many people wanting their attention.


A micro-influencer is simply going to cost less than if you went after a bigger influencer. However, you probably will get better results, so inexpensive here doesn’t mean cheap. It means that you’re going to get a better return on your investment using micro-influencers. Typically, you can work with a micro-influencer from $100 to $500 per post – or a combination of cash, product, and other perks.

Better Conversions

When there is a more targeted audience with more engagement, you’re automatically going to end up with higher conversions. The reason is the “know, like, trust” factor is hard at work with micro-influencer marketing. The influencer has developed a relationship with their followers.

It’s Measurable

The great thing about anything that is done online is that it can be measured. You can find out by looking at the numbers what is working and what is not working, and tweak any campaign right in the middle to improve without stopping anything.

It Can Be Scaled

If your first foray into using a micro-influencer works, why not bring on another micro-influencer? in fact, why not find several that you like and have them run their campaigns at the same time? The impact you’ll make will blow you away.

Micro-influencers are ready and willing to work with great brands who value their input and participation. It’s good for you and it’s good for them. It’s really a win-win all the way around, because together with the right micro-influencers you can build brand awareness plus boost sales for both parties.

Why Work with Micro Influencers?
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