Public relations (PR) can help your business grow quickly. It is the best way to get press attention and publicity for your brand to put it on the map and start driving traffic, subscribers and customers.

What Are Public Relations?

Public relations, as the name suggests, is all about how your business is perceived by the public and how it relates to the public, and vice versa. There are various forms of PR. All are designed to raise awareness and encourage people to interact with your brand.

PR can be free or paid. Free is best if you can get it, though it will take time and effort. Ads are the most obvious example of customer-facing communications, but they do cost money and tend to be here one minute, gone the next.

Getting Press Attention

A better strategy would be to try to get media attention and press. This has a multiplying effect, with one popular media outlet reaching thousands, if not millions of people. You can try to pitch to the media – that is, offer them content or a story that their target audience will be interested in. You might be able to write an editor or opinion piece. Depending on the topic and niche, they might be grateful for your expertise.

But pitching requires research, matching up the right editors and publications to what you want to earn publicity for. An easier strategy is to publish a press release.

Press Releases

You can get good press and publicity with a release if you have something newsworthy to report and make the release very useful for everyone who reads it. It’s not an ad. It’s a factual story that should improve readers’ lives and/or knowledge in some way.

You can try to submit your press releases to individual publications, or use a free or paid press release distribution service to get wider media coverage. Journalists can get a feed with releases related to the niches they are interested in, and/or search the latest releases using keywords to spot the relevant ones for their niche.

With an average of 300 press releases being issued each day in the US alone, that’s a lot of information for busy journalists to wade through, so using keywords will help them find you and hopefully gain you more publicity.

What Is News?

The main thing to remember about press releases is that they are not ads, but newsworthy items that are time-sensitive. Consider sending out a press release each time you:

  • Launch a new product
  • Hold a special sale
  • Host a special event
  • Get a major award or honor
  • Raise new funding
  • Make a new acquisition
  • Need to announce a merger

And so on.

Whenever you are crafting your press release, think about both journalists and their target audience, and how your information would benefit both.

Blogger Outreach

One other modern method for gaining publicity is blogger outreach. Top blogs are becoming just as prominent, if not more so, than many standard news sites. Look for top blogs in your niche and offer them high-quality guest posts, and see how much publicity you can gain.

Why PR Helps You Grow and How to Get Press and Publicity
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