Digital products can boost your authority and credibility in a number of significant ways. Firstly, being a published author is always considered to be a status symbol and let’s face it, it’s impressive.


An author is generally well regarded as an expert in their niche or industry. Even something as simple as an ebook posted on Amazon Kindle can enhance your reputation considerably.

In-Depth Knowledge of Your Niche

Digital products are highly focused. You can create products which help your target audience with their “pain points” – that is, problems they have in relation to your niche they need real solutions for.


Every person working in a particular niche is different, but your values will show if you offer digital products such as information products which cater to the needs of your audience. You can set yourself apart by showing real expertise.

Quick to Market Means Your List of Titles Can Grow Quickly

Digital products also have a faster turnaround. You don’t have a lot of production issues, as you would in order to get a paperback book or CD manufactured and sent out to your target audience. Digital products offer immediate gratification. People click, pay, and download. They can start learning what they need to know right away, with no delay.

Variety of Length

A ebook can be pretty much any length you like as long as you price it accordingly. Amazon publishes “books” only a couple of pages long. The starting price is 99 cents. Use cheap books like these to lead up to your more expensive paid products.

Variety of Format

Digital products can also offer a variety of content, which can help people learn in a range of ways. For example, around 70% of people are visual learners. This means that video would be much more helpful to them than an ebook.

Some people love audio books and files. They can listen to them in the car and learn wherever they go.

Digital products can also include worksheets, hints, tips, frequently asked questions (FAQs), checklists and more. You can create a package of information which is completely self-contained so that your target audience does not have to hunt all over the place to get the best results from your material. Focus on something they wish to learn that can add to their skills and offer real results, and your status as an authority in your niche will be assure.

Growing Your Brand and Business

Once you are creating and selling your own digital products, you can position yourself as an authority in your niche because you have a range of offerings that demonstrate a solid record of achievement.

People will want to get to know you better at your site or blog, and on social media. You could even become a niche “influencer” – someone whose opinions are worth paying attention to. Your content will be shared more widely as well, creating an ever-widening circle of people interested in all you have to offer. Your authority and credibility will be such that you can be considered a “thought leader”, a pioneer who blazes a path to new ideas and developments in your niche.

Forming Partnerships

As a result of your new-found status, more people will want to work with you, and will be more likely to say yes to any partnership you might propose. Joint venture partnerships can be extremely profitable, and enable you to create even more digital products through webinars, interviews, collaborative efforts, and more.

Additional Income Opportunities

Once you have authority and credibility, you can position yourself as a:

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Public speaker
  • Keynote speaker at conferences
  • Expert the media will consult when covering your niche
  • And more

Digital products raise your profile and income in every sense, so if you do not already have at least one, it’s time to start creating them.

Why Digital Products Boost Your Authority and Credibility
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