Profiling  your customers is one of the most valuable things you can undertake, the list of why it’s valuable is almost endless. Customer profiling has been undertaken for as long as people have been involved in selling products. Customer profiling is why the sweats / candy are at the checkout isle when you go shopping, and why specific toys are at child’s eye level in department stores. It’s also why those annoying commercials come on the television that seem awfully sexist in regards to who does the laundry in your home.

Companies use customer profiling to innovate, create and improve products and services for their intended audience and to move into new territories and close more sales.

Customer Profiling Helps Identify Your Customer in a Clear Way

When you really study your customers, or the group that you want to be your customers, you will find out the truth about them and who they are. We all start with assumptions, and it’s hard to overcome them without stepping outside of our own ideas and asking the customer directly. You might learn something new and helpful for your business.

Customer Profiling Answers Questions about Your Audience

It’s likely you’re not a member of your own target audience, and even if you are, it’s imperative to get outside of yourself and ask your audience questions, don’t assume you know your audience because you don’t. Your audience is your best source of information about what they need, what they fear, what their problems are, and even what type of solutions they need so speak to them and get the facts first hand.

Customer Profiling Helps You Identify Your Current Customers’ Needs

As mentioned previously, asking your audience the right questions can help you figure out what your audience needs and wants. Your job is to fill their needs within your niche and ability, and you can’t do that if you don’t have the right answers. You can’t get the answers in your own bubble. Get out of your own bubble and ask them.

Customer Profiling Assists with Better, More Targeted and New Product Creation

By finding out what your customers need, you will also find that you are able to create new products that are more targeted and received by your target audience better. They’ll buy faster now than they did your former products and services because you’re getting the truth from the right people and making more targeted products, that better suit their needs.

Customer Profiling Helps Improve Existing Products and Services

Your job is to service your customer in the way that they need. By using customer profiling you’ll also be able to improve existing products and services so that they are more appealing to your target audience. Aside from that, you may determine your product doesn’t need improving, but your marketing needs to be changed to get your message to your audience in a better and clearer way.

Customer Profiling Helps You Meet Your Audience’s Expectations

Why Customer Profiling Is Valuable to Your BusinessOnce you create a following, your audience starts having expectations of you. If you stay in your bubble and don’t keep learning from your audience as they grow and change in their own lives, you may end up falling short of their expectations. But by practicing ongoing customer profiling, you’ll learn valuable answers that can help you not only meet expectations but also anticipate them.

Customer Profiling Creates More Understanding of Why Your Customers Buy from You

Customer profiling is very helpful in helping you understand why your customers buy. If you can understand why one customer bought (by surveying and speaking to them), it will give you the information you need to improve your systems so that more and more people choose to buy from you.

Customer Profiling Helps You Segment Your Audience Better

One of the keys to good marketing is audience segmentation. Who bought, who didn’t buy, why did they buy, where did they buy from, and what more might they want to buy? Segmenting your audience into smaller subgroups is always going to help you market in a clearer way that gets better results.

Customer profiling is not only valuable for your business, it is necessary to your business’s survival. You can get started now by sending a survey to your audience and if you need help setting up a survey speak the me, and I’ll help or point you in the right direction.

Why Customer Profiling Is Valuable to Your Business
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