Online events are a great way to boost audience engagement, for a number of reasons. A live event usually creates a great deal of “buzz”, which can stimulate a great deal of audience attendance and engagement. I know I often check out live online events, simply because I’m free at the time… it’s this convenience I like. There are many ways to get engagement if you answer the question for the audience of, “What’s in it for me if I attend?”

Choosing a Topic

Whenever you’re planning a live event, choose a topic that a large number of people in your target audience will be interested in. Think about the typical problems, or “pain points”, of people in your niche and plan an event around that issue. As you plan your content, think of yourself as an “helpful expert” rather than “pushy salesperson” it really does make all the difference.

Connect the Topic to Your Products and Services

While it is important to be seen as a helpful expert, a live event is a golden opportunity to sell your products and services provided they are a good match. You will gain authority through the live event. Creating a special offer related to a product on the topic you are talking about is like a reward for attendees. Make the offer a “no-brainer” – one that is so good that your audience would feel foolish to turn it down.

Connect with Your Audience

There are a range of ways to connect with your target audience in connection with your live event. The first is to announce that you will be hosting the event on X date and asking them to send in questions beforehand. See how much engagement you get.

If you get a lot of questions, be sure to answer them. If you don’t, brainstorm a list of the most common questions that your prospective customers might ask about the topic, or about the product you will be trying to sell.

Intrigue Them

In the run-up to the live event, include some of these questions, or some “teaser” copy, to offer hints as to what they will learn if they take the time to attend.

Survey the Audience

Survey them before and during the live event to make sure you are on track with what they want and need. Don’t guess – ask. If they take the trouble to engage with you, be sure to pay attention.

Successful Interactive Webinars

Webinar hosting software ranges from the very basic to the highly sophisticated, with surveys, polls, Q & A, and more. If you are a beginner, start out simply with a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation that can go over the essentials of what you wish to present to your audience. Start and finish the event with live interaction.
As you become more confident, you can increase the level of interactivity and start to master all the fancier features of your software.

Sizzling Live Events

Webinars create such a buzz, because people are getting access to an “expert” that can help them, be professional but be approachable and friendly, and include audience engagement at various points throughout the time you spend together. Don’t bore them to death. Keep things useful and well-paced.

Create an online event they get value from and that they will be glad they attended, and you should have no trouble making sales, and getting good reviews and testimonials from those sales.

Why an Online Event Is Such a Great Way to Boost Engagement
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