Influencer marketing has been around for generations. Look at any TV commercials, and often they feature someone famous or almost famous who has a following of some kind. The internet took influencer marketing to the next level because now, almost anyone can afford to hire a micro-influencer to help get the word out about their brand.

But one thing is true; micro-influencer marketing works best for certain types of products over others. That’s not to say others never will, just that products in other niches haven’t been as noticeably successful yet. The most successful niches that work best for micro-influencer marketing are typically visually appealing, photogenic, tangible products.


This industry loves to use micro-influencers to post stories, images, and experiences as they travel. Often, they’ll give away a free trip or offer huge discounts to the influencer’s audience, or even run a contest so someone can win a free trip to make it extra exciting to promote. Due to the fact it’s easy to take pictures and share travel experiences, this is a great niche to be involved in using influencer marketing.


Of course, everyone loves looking at clothing and watching unboxing of new companies that come online to sell more stuff. Just type “unboxing” into YouTube search and you’ll see a variety of these types of fashion shows. In addition, it’s very popular on Instagram to show off the brand of clothing in the picture, with links pointing to where to get it.


There are so many ways to get fit that anyone in any part of the fitness industry can get a boost of traffic and sales using micro-influencers. Whether you’re a personal trainer or you sell special shoes, micro-influencer marketing will work for you.


This encompasses so many aspects of beauty such as hair products, face products, all-over body products, and dieting practices. If you can fit your product into this industry, you can likely find an influencer who will love your product and make their audience love it too.


This one is super-popular and has allowed smaller brands with less common names to compete with bigger brands. If you are trying to get your food product out there, finding a micro-influencer is almost a no-brainer. Your product can be an accessory such as a special type of cup, bowl or pot.


Many people don’t think you can use influencer marketing to sell software or intangible goods, and right now it’s not as popular. However, if you’re in this niche, look around for influencers anyway who may be willing to try your software and mention it to their friends. You never know.

Don’t let it stop you if your niche doesn’t seem to fit in with this list. There are creative ways that almost anyone can use influencer marketing if they can figure out how to present their product and make people really want it – whether it’s software, a service, or one of the types of products listed above.

Which Niches Work Best for Micro Influencer Marketing?
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