Generating business reviews is only part of the issue, knowing where to show them off is the other part. After all, you need someplace for people to give you a review. The best place depends on the type of business you have but for most, here is a list of places that you can ask people to leave reviews for your business.

Your Website

This is one of the best places to get reviews. Everyone will understand that it’s your website, and if they’re also in business, they’ll be happy to get a link back to their own site within the review.


This is a really great place to collect reviews. You can send anyone the link to your LinkedIn site if they want to know more about you. The format of LinkedIn is really good for that type of thing. Plus, they make it easy to give and ask for reviews as well.


This is a good place to leave a review if you want to boost your local search results. Create your business listing and then send a link to your customers so that they can leave you a review.

Google Reviews

Everyone uses Google and that’s who controls search traffic now, so you definitely want to get more Google reviews from your customers. A Google review can help bring your website search up to the top of the search results, sending you more traffic.

Facebook Recommendations

Because of the fact that everyone pretty much lives on Facebook every single day due to the messenger and mobile devices, having plenty of Facebook recommendations is really good for your business.

Better Business Bureau

If you join the Better Business Bureau, you’ll have your own listing. Then you can drive people there via the link in your autoresponder. Having lots of positive reviews on the BBB site is a great way to get more business. Alternatively if you join your local business association you will often find that they will publish business reviews.


You may not see Twitter as a place to leave reviews, but you can ask your audience to first follow you on Twitter, then you can send them a message asking them to say one thing on Twitter that they like about your product. Or, you can set up a hashtag that everyone uses so that you can easily search for compliments during your next webinar.


Ask your audience to take a picture of themselves using your product with certain hashtags for a chance to win a prize. It can be called the “say something nice” contest, which ends up being a lot of good reviews.

Having business reviews in multiple places is also a good idea, but it’ll be easier if you focus on one or two places. You can switch up the links for the different areas. Some customers prefer leaving reviews right on your site, while others like leaving them on social media. Giving different opportunities will ensure that all bases are covered.

Where to Collect Business Reviews
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