As a business owner who likes to speak, you need to find speaking engagements in your niche. It’s not as hard as you imagine if you’re truly involved with your niche. You need to join Facebook groups, join LinkedIn groups and attend their events, if you want to be able to then be able to speak at them.

Local and National Speakers’ Bureaus

At each locale and even naturally, there are speakers’ bureaus that you can sign up with to speak. You’ll usually need to submit some proof of your expertise and even videos of your former speaking engagements. Don’t worry; you can make a video of you speaking without ever showing the audience, right in your own home if you wish.

American Program Bureau

This is a global speakers’ bureau that you can sign up to speak with. This organization often books celebrity speakers. So, you’ll need a lot of experience to qualify, but you don’t have to be a star or an actor. You can be a celebrity within your own niche to get in.

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This is a great place to get listed. It might take a bit of work because you must go through an evaluation program. But once you have some gigs under your belt, this is a great way to get found by all sorts of organizations. Get your profile organized and ready so that you can stand out.

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Go to events within your niche. Try to get to know the event planners. If it’s an annual event, exchange cards and if an opening occurs, give them your one-sheet so that they know you’re available to speak. You can also ask them directly about their process of choosing speakers when you follow up with them after the fact.

Join Industry Associations

One way to get on the radar and find calls for speakers is to join various associations that encompass your niche. For example, if you speak about making money with art, you may want to join various arts councils.

Host Your Own Event

You can set up your own event in your location and then market it locally and nationally charging a small entrance fee. There are plenty of small venues you can rent inexpensively in your local area or in a city near your local area. All you need is for them to provide audio equipment and the ability to project or show your slideshow to the audience. Water and snacks are nice too.

Create a Media Kit

This is very important if you want to sell yourself as a speaker. You can use a one-sheet, but you should also create a media kit for your website that should include some or all the following:

  • Letter of Introduction
  • One-sheet
  • Video
  • Head-shots
  • Speaking photography
  • Speaking topics
  • Past engagements
  • Testimonials
  • All contact information
  • Books and publications
  • Accomplishments
  • Awards
  • Education
  • Media appearance list
  • Calendar
  • Set-up requirements
  • Services

Ensure that your contact information is on every single page that you create, and make them printable PDFs. You may need to give this information to someone in paper form. It will be great if they can print it out as one cohesive document as well as individual pieces.

Build Your Online Presence

Work on networking online using social media, articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and more. Your website should be professional, stand out, and make it obvious you want to speak at events and the sort of events you want to speak at.

Tell People

You can tell people in your groups and networking events that you’re open for speaking engagements. You can also set up a form and run an advertisement online to get booked for the year with you. The important point is not to leave any stone unturned in your quest to find speaking engagements in your niche.

In addition, start creating examples of your expertise as a speaker in your line of work by using YouTube or Facebook Live to show what you can do.

Where and How to Find Speaking Events in Your Niche
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