There are a lot of things that should be split tested, but to do proper split testing you need to know why, not just what. Below, we’ll go over a few ideas and possible reasons why you should do these experiments. However, do realize that you need to know what and why you’re doing anything based on your own audience and your own niche.

Opt-In Forms

What You Should Split Test and Why

There are many things to test about opt-in forms, from the placement of text to use of images, to the words you use in your call to action. The best thing to do is know why you’re doing the test. If you want to test conversions, test something that directly affects conversions such as the button text, size, or even the name of the lead magnet you’re offering.

Sales Page Headlines

The headline is often what makes someone click on a post on social media or other content to read your sales page. The headline should be direct, say what’s inside, and give clues to the problem you’re solving with the information you’re selling via the sales page. Test headlines to improve click-through rates.

Buy Buttons

When you have a sales page with a buy button of any kind that you believe can perform better, you can test different buy buttons. But one thing you do not want to do is change it completely. Start with your control (A) and then slightly change one thing about the variable (B) to find out which works best.

Lead Magnets

If you’re trying to build your list, sometimes you may get something about the lead magnet wrong for your audience. What you test depends on what’s happening. If you’re getting clicks but no downloads, consider what’s on the page that is turning off the people who click. It could be that the form or opt-in page isn’t targeted to the same audience that was targeted in what they clicked through to get there. Fix to make it congruent.

Email Subject Lines

Not getting the number of opens on your emails that you think you should get? If so, then you need to consider changing your email subject lines. Conduct a test where you use a different type of subject line than the other to find out which is opened more. Next, you can test email engagement once they’re getting opened.

Links in Email

Emails getting opened but no one is clicking on your links? You may want to test out different words for the links or point them out more. If you’re using text for the links, they can look rather scary for some people. You can point out the links more so that they’re more attracted to them. Test that out to see what happens.

HTML versus Plain Text in Email

The links can be changed if you use HTML instead, so you can bring in real buy buttons or link buttons instead of long ugly URLs. But, what if your customers don’t like HTML email? Give it a test.

Typography Test

On your website, eBooks, brochures, and even on book covers, it’s important to test different typography to find out what resonates most with your audience and what they seem to find easier to read. Again, only try one change at a time. Testing typography should happen if anyone ever complains that your site is hard to read.


We all have our favorite colors. But, usually, we are not our audience. Therefore, it’s important not to make assumptions. Test a new color after researching what audiences like yours like by conducting surveys on color with your audience. Then using your old site (A), test it against the new variable (B). You may be shocked at what a difference new colors can make in terms of site stickiness.

Calls to Action

This is always something you should consider testing. Anytime your conversion rate isn’t where you want it to be, it’s time to try new calls to action. Test your new call to action against your old one to find out if a new type of CTA will work better.


There is so much science out there about the psychology of pricing. If you want to try some of the tactics you’ve read about, that’s great. But, only test if you are having conversion issues. If you’re converting fine now, there is no point. Only test if you want to improve your conversions.

Long versus Short-Form Copy

So many people believe long-form sales copy works better than short form but how do you really know? You don’t know unless you test it. If your conversion has room for improvement, try testing a short-form copy sales page versus your long-form copy.

Video versus No Video

Stats show that video works better for converting, but does it for your audience? Try adding video to your current sales page to find out. This is a simple test to do. Don’t change one word or thing on your current sales page; just add a video to it someplace to find out what works best.

When you conduct A/B testing experiments, each time you want to change how you do something you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results and the improvement in your efforts. It’s one thing to have a hypothesis about something; it’s entirely another thing to prove it.

What You Should Split Test and Why
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