Selling to women is something every online business owner needs to consider, according to the Marketing to Women Conference, eighty-five percent of buying decisions are made by women. This is a massive market segment that you simply cannot ignore or just hope to please, it’s therefore an important aspect of online marketing. With more than ninety-four percent of these women having access to the internet, it becomes clearer that you need to appeal to women if you want them to buy, what you have to offer. In fact, some people believe that even if you want a man to buy what you have to offer, you should first appeal to the women in their lives.

Twenty percent of women shop online at least once daily making them the majority of online shoppers. Most women are using mobile devices to access information that helps them make purchasing decisions. With over seventy percent of new businesses being started by women, and many of these being online businesses, it’s important for your business to understand the market.

When Selling  to Women Make them Feel Special

Women are special, so it’s important for you to make them feel that way. Most women report to feeling completely misunderstood by companies. So imagine the advantage your business will have if you make them feel special, this will go beyond the fact that they are women right the way down to your exact particular target audience.

Appeal to Mothers

Most women are mothers or will be mothers or have a mother. If you can appeal to the mother in women, depending upon your audience segment, you can create a powerful urge to purchase your products.

Show that you care about the environment

Women are more environmentally aware today than ever before, if there are two similar products, and one is more environmentally friendly than the other, they’ll be more likely to purchase the environmentally friendly model.

Support women’s causes

Study your particular audience to find out what causes they care about, then support those causes. Giving ten percent of your profits to a cause that the women in your audience care about will encourage them to buy.

Acknowledge that women love sports

There is a misconception that women do not like sports, but that’s just not true. They love sports almost equally to men. Women also like staying fit by walking, running, going to the gym and playing sports.

Be a socially responsible company

Take pride in supporting social causes, because like the environment these are things that a lot of women care about. They want to buy things from companies that share their values.

Create responsive website design

Women use many devices to access the internet so it’s important that you design your websites to be responsible, no matter which type of device they use to access your information. Seriously if your selling to women or men, nowadays your website has to be responsive, if it isn’t contact us to discuss a new responsive website.

Women are technologically advanced, spending more time online than men, and using more types of devices to access the internet than men. They tend to buy using whatever device they are using at the time. They buy at their computer, from their mobile devices, as well as in person using their devices to research beforehand.

If selling to women, don’t misunderstand their intelligence, their autonomy, or their knowledge of social responsibility and the world outside of men. Further, research your audience. If your main criteria for your audience is women, you still have a subset of women that you need to learn about and know.

Selling to Women, What Motivates Women to Buy
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