How do men shop, in my experience men tend to think logically when making purchase decisions. Men tend to determine that there is a problem, they evaluate the alternatives, and then they make their purchase. Most men are motivated to buy anything based on a perceived need. Once men recognize the need or identify a problem that needs to be solved, they go through information seeking.

What do they know already?

How do men shop, Men search their own memories and thoughts to figure out what they already know about the issues. Sometimes, if men think they already know enough they will make a purchase right away. It all depends on how strong the need is, or how urgently the perceived problem needs to be solved.

How Do Men Shop What Motivates Men to BuyWhat do their friends know?

Men like to ask their friends what they think about their need, they like to find out how others have solved problems, and men value the advice of their friends about what to buy and where to buy it.

What external information can they find?

Men then tend to do research using both personal computers as well as mobile devices to find the information they want and confirm the information they previously thought was true as well as whether what their colleagues thought was true. Men are much more likely than women to read online reviews before purchasing.

How Do Men Shop?

Men like to use technology to shop today. Due to the ease with which they can access information, do research and find the items they want without having to go to many different stores, technology makes buying more convenient. Men buy everything from technology to even cars using the internet today. They will shop equally from mobile devices and personal computers. According to Mobile Advertising Survey from 2012, men are more likely to redeem mobile coupons than women. And remember even when men purchase from bricks and mortar stores, the actual purchasing decision has generally been made online first.

Making the Decision to Buy

Once men gather all this information together and they are sure they still want to buy something, they will purchase either online or offline. Many men will purchase on a mobile device if the site they go to is designed responsively and coupons are offered. Some men will use their computer to buy items that they want.

Finally, while men will buy using their mobile devices, you only have one chance. If they go to your site to buy using their mobile devices and it doesn’t work, they won’t come back. They’ll be irritated and they won’t go home and use their computer to make the purchase, they’ll simply go to another website. Therefore, it’s important to design all your websites responsively so that if a man wants to buy something online he can do so using any device. So how do men shop in your experience?

How Do Men Shop What Motivates Men to Buy
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