There are a lot of ways to look at video advertising. There are actual slick ads like those which would appear on TV, or as ads on YouTube, Facebook, and other online real estate. But, there are also videos that are informational which are really advertising too. Many video ads are served before, during and after a video.

Sometimes though, video advertising isn’t as straightforward. Today, many people create informational videos that are really advertising, but it’s hard to tell at times. They accept sponsorships, they promote a product or service, and they make videos to impart information, with the goal of selling the items they want to sell.

Some video ads take up the entire space of the video, like a TV commercial does, and then others are in content links. And still others are sponsorships or product placement situations where the video creator is subtly using the product that they wish to also sell.

There are a lot of pros and cons to video advertising that you should consider before getting involved.

Advantages of Video Advertising

It’s Inexpensive

Believe it or not, video ads aren’t very expensive. You can pay for placement but you can also just create and post the video yourself on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for viewing. Ask people to share it and the only money you’re out is the money used to create the video.

It Works across Platforms

If you place your ad on YouTube, it will work on any mobile device. If you’ve made sure your website is mobile friendly it’ll work there too, but otherwise it’ll work without any adjustments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

You Can See the Results Immediately

You’ll be able to see the analytics of the video ad almost immediately in terms of views, click through and more. You’ll be able to see where viewers are located, their demographics and more.

You Can Reach Anywhere

Your videos can be local in nature, but they can also be international without any tweaking. If you offer a good product or service, it’ll translate into almost any language.

They Keep It with Them

Your audience carries their mobile devices with them wherever they go, which means your video ads go with them too. You will be able to reach more people in more intimate ways than ever before with video ads.

Disadvantages of Video Advertising

Ad Skipping

Some people don’t watch the ads and will click to skip one, which means that no one will see it if you do it as a display in video advertisement.

Bad Timing

If you release your potentially viral video on a day that something else is already going viral and you can’t compete, it may be a wasted effort.

Not Doing It

The truth is, the biggest con of all is just not doing it and thinking you can’t do it for whatever reason.

Video advertising and marketing is lucrative. It is inexpensive and it works. You’ll get great results adding video into your marketing mix – whether it’s advertisements, marketing videos or something else. Video gets results because people love video and are more likely to watch it and share it.

What Is Video Advertising?
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