According to Wikipedia, “Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole.” But what does all that really mean?

An influencer doesn’t have to be a niche expert (although those are awesome), but they do have to share an audience with you who are interested in products like yours. Plus, the influencer should be able to persuade the audience in a friendly way that they need the items they share.

They Have an Impact

A great influencer can impact their niche in a big way. They don’t have to be actors or famous in other ways – just normal people who build strong relationships with their audience. Their audience trusts them and believes them, even when they know they’re being paid to promote the product and say it’s amazing.

They Are Authentic

The word authentic goes around a lot, but it’s important when it comes to influencing others. If you choose someone who comes off as fake, they will be dishonest. The best influencers are reliable and stick to their word. You can trust their opinion not to be swayed by money, because they have strong integrity.

They Are Clear on Their Purpose

An influencer likes to bring new and wonderful products, services and information to their audience on a very particular subject. They are very clear in their own minds about what they stand for, what they want to accomplish, and how to do it. They do not mind going out of their comfort zone, but they won’t sacrifice their values and purpose.

They Care about Their Customers

In the end, a great influencer only cares about pleasing their audience. Their first thought is, will this please my customers? Will they take care of my customers? Is this product high enough quality for my customers? They want to be better and they’ll demand that you are better.

They Are Tenacious

A great influencer can overcome problems by adapting and changing based on facts as they appear. For example, they will promote everything they do with pride and enthusiasm, because they will ensure that it’s the right thing to share with their audience in advance. They will adapt on a dime and get things done.

They Set Bigger Goals

When a fabulous influencer reaches one goal, they set another one. They don’t allow themselves to become complacent in their current success. They reach a goal, then they start planning for the next mountain to climb with precision and effectiveness.

They Are Friendly and Helpful

A perfect influencer will be friendly and helpful to those with whom they want to work. If your product is perfect for their audience, there is no reason they won’t work with you as long as you share their values and care about their audience as much as they do – and show it.

They Are Humble

For someone to be an effective influencer, they can’t take themselves too seriously. They should be humbled by the attention they’re getting instead of being puffed out thinking they’re better than everyone else. It will turn off their audience eventually if they behave as if they’re more special than others.

An influencer that embodies these traits will be successful simply by informing their audience about their offerings and the offerings of others that their audience will love. They don’t have to be a famous actor or even have more than ten thousand followers to be effective, because they’re authentically themselves and people are attracted to them.

What Does Influencer Marketing Actually Mean?
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