If you have started or want to start an affiliate program for your products, it’s going to change your entire business and your life. But, when you add this to your business, you’re also adding a few more hours of work for yourself each day – plus a lot of trial and error, along with wasted dollars unless you’re willing to outsource to a talented affiliate manager.

With the right affiliate manager, your life will start changing as soon as you let go and let them do what they’re good at – while you place your focus on what you’re good at, which is creating amazing products for your affiliates to proudly promote.

What Is an Affiliate Manager?

A manager sets goals, decided what work needs to be done to reach the goals, organizes the work into actionable steps, and chooses the best people and technology to ensure that the program is successful. An affiliate manager organizes resources (people like affiliate marketers, graphic designers, content writers, copywriters and tech such as aMember, Infusionsoft, ClickBank, JVZoo and others) so that they can best grow the program and drive the most targeted traffic toward your offerings – increasing your return on investment many times over.

What Is an Affiliate Marketer?

The people who sign up for your affiliate program to market them to their audience in exchange for commissions on sales are known as affiliate marketers. An affiliate marketer has their own audience outside of your audience. In many cases, they have bigger and better audiences than you have, which is why you want to access them. Starting an affiliate program for your offerings is the best way to market to other people’s lists.

What an Affiliate Manager Can Do

Now that we’ve covered what an affiliate manager does and for whom, you can start to see the benefits immediately. An affiliate manager will:

  • Choose the Right Technology – Affiliate managers can help ensure that you have the right software for your affiliate marketing. However, in some cases you may have already chosen to use technology like aMember.com as your affiliate management software. If that is the case, when hiring be specific about the technology you are using.
  • Approve New Affiliate Marketers – Some affiliate programs allow you to approve or deny new affiliates. This is an important thing for the manager to do, because you don’t want to accidentally let in affiliates that will give your business a bad reputation. No one remembers which affiliate sent them to your products, but they do remember if they were misrepresented and they blame you.
  • Recruit Super Affiliates – A great affiliate manager will have connections that they can call on to help improve your sales. They may know just the right super affiliate who will love your product and have the exact audience for it. They will know how to approach the super affiliate and the type of incentives they’ll need to get on board. By getting even one super affiliate talking about your products, you’ll change the entire game.
  • Assign Tasks to Other Team Members – Many affiliate managers are given a budget and access to the team you have. If you don’t have a team yet, consider giving them a budget to use on outsourcing for things like graphic design, copywriting, content writing, keyword research, and others. Ask them what they need to do a great job and give it to them.
  • Work with Advertising – Affiliate managers are typically experts in one thing: managing an affiliate program – not placing ads on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Therefore, they should be able to work with whomever on your team is your advertising expert. If you don’t have that, they may have connections, or they may have the skills to do it themselves with the help of your VA.
  • Advise You on Improving SEO – A good affiliate manager understands the importance of SEO and can give you good advice about on and off page SEO that will affect their job. For example, if they’re doing great recruiting affiliates and getting traffic to your pages, but no sales are being made, they’ll know what is causing it and how to fix it.
  • Motivate Affiliates Toward More Sales – One of the most important activities the affiliate manager will do is to motivate the affiliates to make more sales. They’ll use contests, incentives, and other tactics to encourage them to achieve this. In many ways, they will train the affiliates on how to sell more of your products while making them aware of the resources available to them.
  • Solve Problems and Explain Complex Issues – Sometimes affiliate marketers have questions that need answers, and that’s what the affiliate marketing manager is there to do. They will help affiliates with the technology, answer product questions to affiliates, and serve the affiliates rather than customers of the product.

Most of all, a good affiliate manager will increase return on investment. It’s hard to say how much they’ll increase investment. It totally depends on your products, the technology you are using, and how many resources you’re willing to divert to the affiliate program. But one thing is certain; an affiliate manager can change everything.

What an Affiliate Manager Can Do for Your Business
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