Even though most email readers know that automation is responsible for personalization, they still like it and it still improves conversions. Therefore, any way that you can bring more personalization to your subscribers’ emails is worth looking at.

Add Their Name

When someone signs up for your list, you have an opportunity to collect information about them. While you want to make it simple to download your freebie, ask for more information when you actually make a sale. At that point, it will not be weird to ask for more than the email address. Add their name to all correspondence once you collect it.

Include Recent Activity

When you send them an email, set up your autoresponder so that it includes information about recent activity such as purchases, or things they looked at and put into their shopping cart. This can help them remember to buy or remember to use what they bought.

Send Relevant Content to Them

When you collect information that gives insight into your customer, ensure that you send relevant information. For example, if they bought product A and you have special training for product A, even if you already told them about it, point them to it again.

Offer Assistance with a Recent Purchase

Give your customer a few days to enjoy their new purchase, then give them a call or drop them an email so that you can ask them how it’s going. Send a survey that’s personalized with their name on it, and including the purchase they just made.

List Their User Name

Sometimes people forget signing up for something, even if they bought an item. By providing their username in the email and a link to sign in to their account due to some other information you want to give them, they’ll be more likely to remember their password and sign in.

Remember Their Anniversary Date

When someone buys from you, sending them a coupon or special on their anniversary date is a great way to make them feel super special. They’ll feel like a customer of one, and that’s exactly what you want them to feel like.

Collect Role Information

This is especially good if you’re a B2B business. Knowing that you’re talking to the decision maker can make a lot of difference in how you word an email and can help with better segmentation.

Give Them Direct Access to You

For really important customers who spend a lot of money, giving them direct access to you or specialized customer service can go far into making a customer stay for life.

Personalized Subject Lines

One way to personalize an email that will really get attention is by putting the name of the recipient into the subject line. “Stacy this is important” will get a lot of attention and more clicks than just “this is important”.

Personalizing your email to subscribers is a great way to improve your return on investment by increasing conversion rates. Plus, with today’s technology, it’s simple to accomplish.

Ways to Personalize Your Emails to Subscribers
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