These are some examples of various types of visually effective ads using all sorts of techniques to get the attention of the audience so that they buy their goods and or services. They are all visually pleasing and use the elements of visual design to get their point across using few words.

A Few Visual Advertising Examples

Jardiland Light Dog Biscuits

This is a cute ad that went viral on Twitter. It elicits humor but it also gets the point across that these doggie biscuits are going to help your dog lose some weight. The branding is in the bottom right corner, but your eyes are led to the branding due to the composition of the image.

Link –

When you smoke, your baby smokes

This ad uses negative space as well as black and white imagery to make a very powerful statement about smoking while pregnant. The ad is attention grabbing and makes clear its intention.

Link –

Aquafresh Bad Breath Ad

This ad is interesting as it demonstrates in a very visual way how bad breath can affect a relationship. Again, the logo and the image is in the bottom right-hand corner of the ad. It’s clear; use Aquafresh and you can take off your mask.

Link –


The Starbucks website does a good job of tying in their brand with association to music, socializing and fun. Each page of their website is a visual delight as it pulls you into their world and makes you want to join the party.

Link –


This automobile website provides very artistic images of its vehicles. It uses vector lines to draw your attention to the sight lines they want you to see. The whole website is mostly black and white with splashes of color, especially red, to indicate richness and speed.

Link –


Their main page on their website has an image of a woman being licked by her doggie, with a happy smile on her face. This is a wonderful ad for Purina. It makes a dog lover happy to see and since both the dog and the girl look healthy then the food must be good.

Link –


This website is a mental healthcare service website. When you first get to the site you’re treated to a beautiful view of nature and the words “There is Hope.” Images of nature automatically have a calming effect.

Link –

Big Tree Income

This is a great example of a small business owner using visual elements for a wonderful sales page, which is really an advertisement using visual adverting techniques that work well. A tree suggests a strong foundation of roots, and the use of the negative space highlights the strong tree.

Link –

Wolf Hot Sauce

This Wolf hot sauce ad that was a poster in a bathroom on a hand dryer shows how hot their sauce is. It’s irreverent and gets the point across visually with no words. Sometimes there are no words needed.

Link –

Not only should you look at these ads, but also pay attention to any ads that come across your social media feeds. What do they say to you? What stands out? What makes you want to click? Are you the right target audience?

A Few Visual Advertising Examples
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