How your users engage with your content is one of many factors that search engines use to determine the rank of your content based on any given search. Video and audio are very important types of content to use for your audience to increase learning and account for various learning styles. But, due to technology issues, search engines can’t see your content for these. Therefore, adding the text content will make a huge difference in engagement due to more traffic.

Technology Reasons

As mentioned, the technology doesn’t exist yet for a search engine to listen to the audio. The only guide it has as to what the content is about is via tags, descriptions, titles, and transcripts. Transcripts can be used for many reasons, but they are going to increase page views exponentially. The main reason is that search engines are more likely to return your video as a search result to your audience if you have more text that lets them know what’s in the video.

People Watch Longer with Captions

Another factor has to do with human behavior. Studies show that people are more likely to watch a video all the way through if it has captions than if it doesn’t. The captions look interesting on the video and the viewer tends to read as they listen, helping them develop a faster understanding and therefore interest in the content. When people become interested, they stick around a lot longer.

People Are More Likely to Find Your Content with Transcriptions

The simple truth of the matter is that the more people who find your content, the more people who can engage with your content. When you improve search engine optimization (SEO) by using transcripts which is in text form, you’ll get more visitors. Therefore, adding transcripts that enable search engines to find your content is a leading cause of having more engagement. Then the engagement leads to even more visitors and it kind of snowballs from there.

People Tend to Learn Differently

Everyone has a learning style. When you seek to meet most of the learning styles that your audience has, you’ll naturally get more engagement. Understanding of content leads to engagement because the person can know what you are talking about, which helps them make more comments, watch longer, and ask the right questions.

Transcripts improve user engagement by helping you get more traffic to start with, which makes engagement more likely. Then, it helps with understanding so that your audience knows what type of questions to ask and due to their understanding, they’re more likely to watch the entire video. Furthermore, even if they have learning issues caused by being hard of hearing, they can still understand your content and react to your calls to action.

Using Transcripts and Captions to Boost User Engagement
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