Everyone it seems runs a loyalty program from your local coffee shop, supermarket and even top end of town stores, because it’s a great way to generate customer loyalty. A loyalty program is a little bit like a membership. By joining the program, customers can be put on a special list so that they get information about sales, events and extra value that only regular customers receive. You are likely familiar with them already, often through your grocery store and other retail stores. But any type of business that sells something can start a loyalty program.

Start a Referral Program

Encouraging your customers to get their friends and family to sign up for your loyalty program is a great way to get more customers. And by rewarding them with points toward a purchase or even cash prizes, you’ll generate more customer loyalty.

Get Them on Your Email List

Anyone who signs up for your customer loyalty program should be added to a special email list for VIP customers. You can then send them first notice of sales, have rewards member events and more. People love to feel special and will be more likely to come to your store if you have this type of program.

Advertise Your Reward Program on Social Media

A good way to get more people to sign up for your loyalty program is to market what the benefits of membership are on social media, through paid ads. Not only will this help get new members, but old members will see it too and be reminded of the value of your business to their lives.

Give Customers More Value

A loyalty program allows you to have a membership program. Through that membership, you can give your customers even more value by giving them something extra special when they buy something from you. This could be something like an extra video, report, or checklist that non-members don’t get without joining the loyalty program.

Host Special Customers’ Only Events

This is a great way to use a loyalty program. Invite everyone who has joined to a special event tied to a fundraiser or a community event to get them more involved. The more you can align your loyalty members with your brand, the longer they’ll stick with your brand over someone else’s.

Make Them Feel Like VIPs

We’ve mentioned that people like to feel important, and you can make sure that they are feeling important with your loyalty program by treating them like VIPs. Give them access that no one else has via special content, videos, services, and products.

It’s so important to understand the lifetime value of each customer. From the moment someone makes their first purchase from you, they are your customer. But, it doesn’t have to be a one-off event if you put a lot of focus on pleasing your customers, and providing value to their lives through your products and services.

Using Loyalty Programs to Generate Customer Loyalty
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