The biggest advantage of using technology to help you find lookalike audiences – audiences that share the same values and interests as your current audience – is that it makes it easier to locate and market to the audience than waiting for them to finally find you through search. Instead, you find them with matching technology and directly market to them using targeted advertising.

They Match Criteria You Set

The great thing about lookalike audiences is that you set the parameters by uploading your current audience (or those you wish were in your audience) from information you collect from various groups and organizations with a scraping tool. Whatever the information, the technology will basically work for you to match the data you give it.

They Share Interests with Current Customers

A lookalike customer shares interest with the current customers or lists with others. Since they share characteristics in common, the saying “birds of a feather flock together” is really true. That’s why it works so well to open up new doors for you.

They Hang Out With Your Customers

People who share common interests and match the criteria you set for your audience will hang out with your customers. People who hang out together often talk about the same type of things and like to buy the same types of things.

The Conversion Rate Is Higher

When you market to people who fit your criteria as customers, the conversion rate will be a lot higher. You can create targeted content more easily when you know who you’re talking to. Plus, if you already have customers like the people you’re now targeting, you should know what they want to hear.

Understand about Conversion Pixels

In some cases you can use conversion pixels to target your audience. The pixel is given to you by the network, and then you put it in the code of your website. When a visitor visits your website and then goes to the network such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (or almost any website if using AdSense), your ad will be delivered.

Determine Your Reach

In all cases you can choose how far your reach will go. You can only use custom audience or a special page, or a conversion pixel – not all. But then you can also make the audience larger or smaller through various optimizations.

You’ll win a lot more customers by using lookalike audiences. The reason is that when an audience “looks like” the one you already have who are assumed to be buyers of your products and services, they’re that much more likely to also become buyers. Your conversion rates will go up higher than you thought possible with this method.

Using Lookalike Audiences to Win More Customers
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