Every customer has a journey that they’re on when they come into your marketing funnel. If you don’t yet have a funnel, look it up so you know what it is. You may already have one and not even realize it. Email is just part of the process of converting your audience.

Know Your Customer Buying Cycle

There is a general buying cycle. It goes like this: Awareness; Consideration; Purchase. Within each of these stages are various other stages and each need to be understood and acknowledged.

Locate Leakage

You can use the analytics on your autoresponder to find out what emails you send that a person opened and unsubscribed to. You can also add a survey to the unsubscribe page to find out why people are leaving.

Create Email Messages for Each Stage

When you learn about the stages and all that goes with it, depending on which list your prospects joined, you need to create messages that are designed to help them at the stage they are at.

Always Include a Call To Action

No matter what your message is about, get used to asking them to do something else once they’ve read your messages. Whether it’s to share, to go visit Facebook, to reply, or to buy – you must tell them what to do next.

Know Communication Gaps

Once you analyze the content you already have going to your email subscribers and compare it to their buying cycle, you can identify where you’re missing something. Either create it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Use Facebook Ads

One way to really ramp up your marketing and combine social with email is to use custom audiences for your Facebook ads. You upload your customers’ emails to the system, and they’ll be the only ones to see the ad.

Make It Simple

Don’t make your sign-up difficult. If you use a system like LeadPages.net you can have one-stop sign-ups so that they don’t have to go through as many hoops and still be spam compliant.

Create a Landing Page

Make at least one landing page for your general email list. You can make it pop up or under or slide onto your homepage, so that everyone who visits your site gets the offer to sign up for your email list.

Every single prospect that you get on your list has a certain way of learning about problems and solutions and will buy once you hit the nail on the head. Hitting the nail on the head may take some practice as well as trial and error. Look at the data after any campaign, repeat and improve on what works, and throw out what is not working.

Use Email to Drive Your Customers’ Journey
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