If you want to use upselling to increase your revenue per customer and who wouldn’t? You need to ensure you don’t confuse your customers, as you could lose the entire sale, it’s therefore important to focus on the wording that you use. Plus, you want to improve customer loyalty, not damage it. You don’t want to focus on selling the idea over an upgrade, but you want to be transparent about what you’re offering at the same time. Let’s look at some ideas for this.

Pick the Right Upsell

When you choose an upsell that makes sense with the product purchase, it makes it a lot easier to present the upsell to the customer. It might be a different version of the product that offers more value, for example. Alternatively, it might offer some features that are customizable that you want to point out to them at the time of checkout.

You can even offer the same version but with a better price, such as a lifetime version or a yearly payment version at a discount. “Choose This Option for Only $50” or “Pick Your Features” both give them the option to tick the features they want for additional costs.

Don’t Be Pushy

Once someone has already decided to make a purchase from you, there is no reason to be pushy or switch to the hard sell – especially for a customer who is already buying. Show your upsell to them, but just give them the facts about how it’s different rather than make them feel stupid. Being snotty by saying things like, “No I don’t want more choices (or traffic or whatever it is you’re selling)” is the wrong way to get your customer on your side.

Be Personal

When you know the facts about your customer, including their purchase history, their name, their goals, hopes, dreams, and desires, it’s a lot easier to formulate wording that will avoid confusion and sell upgrades. One way to do this is to give them the stats. “75 percent of people who wanted X chose Y.” or, “95% say Yes to More.” When you use these words, it gives them encouragement to choose the upgrade.

Show Them

One method that works well for upgrades is to clearly demonstrate what they’re missing if they choose the less expensive option, without telling them they’re making a mistake. Two or three boxes with check marks showing the features each choice has will highlight what’s missing from the less expensive option with just one look. When you show rather than tell, you can use fewer words but get your point across clearly.

Set a Time Limit

When offering upgrade purchases to your customers, it’s a good idea to set a time limit for them to get the added value of the upgrade. This is especially good on the thank you page or within the welcome email. That way they make a definitive choice. You can do this without seeming pushy by simply having a timed offer that once clicked starts working.

Eliminate Risk

One way to get people to buy your upsells is to eliminate risk. If it’s really an upgrade, you can offer that they can go back to their original choice within a certain amount of time if they don’t like it. Offer free shipping if it’s a physical product. Give them no reason to say no, and most will say yes.

Build a Deeper Relationship

One amazing thing about upsells done right is that they really deepen your relationship with your ideal customer. You’re giving them amazing value and you’re providing a way for your customer to feel as if they’re winning something rather than buying something. How can you make your customer feel like a winner? Use words that suggest that. “Heck Yes I Want That Deal” is a great sentence for a buy button.

The thing to remember about upselling is that it’s for customers who are already trust you and are happy. These customers have already bought into what you’re selling them. If you approach upsells as if you’re just offering a friend a little extra and a little more value, you’ll be able to create the right wording that generates real results.

Upsell Wording to Avoid Confusion
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