If you think this is a crazy idea, you’re not alone… but remember if everyone is doing something… doing something else often gets you noticed.  A lot of online marketers think that direct mail is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. If it didn’t work, do you think marketers would spend 57% to 66% of their marketing budgets on it? No, they would not. It still works but like any type of marketing, it needs to be targeted and used in conjunction with other strategies.

Use QR Codes

If your audience is tech savvy, use a QR code to lead them to your landing page with a free offer. This is a great way to build your list, as well as potentially get them to buy something from your site right now.

Send Thank You Notes

One way to really wow your customers and help them stick to you long term is to thank them. Sending a thank-you note the old-fashioned way in snail mail is a great way to really make them think about you. If they buy a high-priced item from you, consider sending them a thank-you gift such as brownies from SendOutCards.com.

Send Reminders

Do you have weekly webinars or Q & A calls? If so, try sending reminder cards in snail mail to help them remember to get online for your call. They’ll be impressed because not very many people do that; in fact, you’re likely to be the only one doing it. Most people don’t move to that next level of personal contact.

Training Information

Sending product and training information in snail mail is a perfect way to make a difference in buying. If someone is on your email list and opens most of your emails, engages with you online, but hasn’t made a purchase, this might be what they need to be pushed over the buying edge.

Be Where They Are

Some of your audience may not be computer savvy, so even though you sell a product online you may want to consider selling it offline too if it is relevant. If they read certain magazines, you can collect snail mail addresses by sending freebies via snail mail. Then you can send regular information to them to get them to make a purchase.

Send Snail Mail to Prospects

If you have collected good prospect information and have addresses, you most certainly should send them direct mail. You can use it to sell directly but it’s probably best used to catch attention and bring them into the fold online.

Using direct mail can work to make offers you don’t want your competition to know about online, to build traffic, to gain referrals, to wow your customers, and to get more sales leads. It is a great way to do that something extra that others aren’t doing so that you stand out from the competition and boost your ROI.

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