Before you get started on segmentation it’s important to know the different ways in which you can segment any given market. Some of these ideas may not work for your audience and some will. The steps to segmenting start with identifying the overall market, then slicing and dicing the particular market further based on your goals and hoped for outcomes.

By Products Offered

If they are a business and offer certain products to consumers or other businesses, you can create a segment for them. For example a market segment could be virtual assistants who work with life coaches. Be very specific about the segment. It will help you provide the right information to them.

By Industry

This is a great way to segment an audience and may look like this: virtual assistants, children’s authors, food bloggers, mom bloggers and so forth. In each case you can narrow these industries down even further such as high carb low fat vegan bloggers. The more specific you are about who you work with and how they do things, the better your marketing will become.

By Demographics

This includes things like gender, race, age and that type of thing. It can also include culture, religion and go very far down into minutia that is important for your overall market. For example, if your audience is work-at-home moms, you may want to divide them into a demographic based on the ages of their children, since a mom with a two-year-old will have different needs from a mom that has teenagers.

By Location

The location a person lives in is an important criterion, especially when you are marketing online. You may want to differentiate between countries so that you can send information to them that is correct based on where they live. You may not be open to working with people from certain countries, which should be something you consider up front.

By Profession

This is an easy one; teachers, lawyers, doctors, cashiers and so forth all have different education levels and incomes. By knowing their profession, you can get some information about what matters to them and how to speak to them through content marketing.

By Behavior

This is a great way to segment your market. You let them segment themselves based on the actions they take once they’re on your website, blog, or social media sites. For example, if they download a freebie (lead magnet) that you offer, you can put them on a different list than people who haven’t yet downloaded it.

By Lifestyle

How people live informs their actions in a multitude of ways. Knowing their lifestyle choices will help you identify the right words to use when communicating with them through email messages, content on your blog, and on social media.

By Interests

What does your audience like to do as a hobby? What are their dreams and plans for the future? If you can find a way to relate to your audience on a personal level, it will help you build trust, and thus convert more sales.

Segmentation is an important part of determining how to send your audience the right message. When you choose the right way to segment your audience, it will inform your content marketing and even product creation in important ways.

Types of Segmentation
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