There is a lot more to tracking your niche marketing success than simply tracking your nett income. In fact, it’s imperative if you want to consistently improve your income, that you track metrics outside of income alone. It’s the one way that you have to improve your marketing efforts exponentially because if you know where you are, you can then figure out ways to get to where you want to be.

What you need to therefore do is set up a system that enables you to track various metrics, it should have some form of time scheduler in it, so that it encourages you to complete the tasks that need to be done regularly to record your metrics. If keeping to this schedule seems hard, consider whether or not it’s easier to keep going as you are, swinging in the dark hoping you hit a hard run, and waiting for that money to come in to your account randomly, or do you actually want to build a real business that endures over time and does everything it can to maximize revenue.

To build a real business that grows and becomes more and more profitable, you need to track metrics and then adjust your business according to the results. I like to use a spreadsheet and all I do is input the results I track on a weekly basis, this way I can spot trends in what’s working and what’s not working overtime. It helps keep me focused and helps me do better in all my niche marketing. It works like this, if you keep track of your metrics you can see what is working and what is not, and do more of what is working and troubleshoot the items not working. These are some of the metrics you might want to regularly monitor.

Traffic Acquisition

Knowing when and from where you are getting traffic to all of your online websites, and even knowing how many direct contact such as phone calls come as a direct result of online activities, is an important part of tracking your niche marketing success. How many new people are you getting each week, how many are returning and why?

Email List Sign Ups

You should look at why people sign up for your various email lists so that you can do more of what works to get more people to sign-up. How many new sign-ups are you getting each week from each possible place and which sign up banners work better than others?

Email List Engagement

While getting email lists sign-ups is important, what’s more important is whether or not those who sign up actually engage with you, answer your call to actions and ultimately buy from you. Do you know which articles in your newsletter get more click throughs, which call to actions work best?

Social Media Connections

How many new social media connections are you acquiring each week from each social medial platform you are active with? If you’re not going to track your social media activity and stay active on it, then don’t waste your time setting up an account. To give you an example I am active on Twitter, this grows by one to two thousand per week and at the time of writing I had seventy seven thousand followers, on LinkedIn I am also active and have just over 4100 first level connections and 5300 followers… both of these grow by 10-50 daily on average, do you know your growth metrics?

Social Media Engagement

You can have a million followers on social media but if there is no engagement, what worth are these million followers? Interacting with your social media followers is an important part of making social media work, this is why those people that buy followers are simply wasting their money as the accounts that follow are dead and you’ll get zero engagement. What percentage of your followers and connections are engaging? Again let me use Twitter as an example, in a typical month this is the engagement that I manage to generate.

Tracking Your Niche Marketing Success

Article/Guest Blog Post Submissions

Track where you put guest blog posts and guest articles, as well as the response you get from them. It’s the only way that you can determine if your efforts are working.

Blog Traffic

How is your blog traffic? Is it going up each week? What type of blog posts seem to work best to bring in traffic? This is why I advocate blogs being part of business websites, my blog (website) attracts over thirty thousand unique visitors each month, which equates to just under half a million page views per month.

Tracking Your Niche Marketing Success

Blog Engagement

What percentage of your blog traffic comments on your blog posts or answers the call to action that you included? Using my own website as an example, the amount of comments is small, but then it always is and at the moment I’ll receive one comment every ten blog posts. An interesting metric however is blog post social media shares as this is much higher than comments nowadays.

Webinars and Teleseminars

If you choose to have webinars or teleseminars, it’s imperative that you track many elements such as where your audience came from, whether they attend after signing up, and if they answer your call to actions.

Keyword Results

Which keywords are drawing the most traffic that convert to a sales or an action on the part of the visitor? Our job as marketeers is to not only engage our audience but to get them to do something.

Call to Action Conversion Rates

Every piece of content that you utilize, whether it’s on social media, a blog post, a guest article or content in an email, you need to have a call to action of some kind. It doesn’t always need to be “buy me” but whatever it is, you should track it.

Tracking all these metrics will help you increase your niche marketing success in a big way, the information that you collect can be used to continuously improve your niche marketing. It can also be used to determine what to stop doing as its not working. Using systems like Google Analytics, and the metrics that social media networks and email auto-responders offer within their system, to track your metrics means that all you need to do is complete that spreadsheet on a regular basis to see exactly how well you are doing.

Tracking Your Niche Marketing Success
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