Building your list is one of the most important aspects of building your business. In fact, almost everything you do online should be involved with getting more of your audience to sign up for your email list. Therefore, if you want to build your audience quickly, you need to think about building your email list.

There are three strategies for building your audience quickly that you can use right now. Let’s look.

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Host and perform live events
  3. Launch more often

Create a Landing Page

In truth, you should have more landing pages on your site than just one. In fact, create a special landing page for every product – including freebies and events that you are having. If you guest post for someone, create a landing page just for visitors from that page. If you create a freebie to give away, create a landing page for that freebie.

According to, websites with multiple landing pages do exponentially better at building their audience than those without them. You can make landing page creation simple if you use software such as,, or However you choose to do it, a good landing page should stand on its own with a clear meaning and call to action.

Host and Perform Live Events

With webinars and in person, having live events is a great way to do build an audience fast. When people get to see your face and eyes, they develop more trust for you than when they just see your text-based messages and pictures that you have worked hard to pose. At a live event, you can’t help but be yourself. Your true personality will shine and attract people. There are different types of events you can do.

  • Webinars – When you host a webinar, you collect their email addresses as they sign up for the event. Often you can make it even more enticing if you offer some sort of content upgrade like an eBook, a checklist, or even the slide deck that you’re using during your presentation.
  • Live Facebook – This is a good way to talk to your Facebook audience, giving them a taste of your point of view. The problem is that you’ll need to create a way for them to sign up for your email list if they’re not already on it. Giving weekly live events such as Q & A’s on Facebook groups will grow your list, because word will get around. Ensure that you ask them to sign up for your list and create a special landing page just for them.
  • In-Person Events – Whether you host or go to an in-person event, you can find a way to make yourself stand out so that others want to know who you are. Work the room, and give out a business card with a QR code to a freebie to translate that into building your list too.

Hosting and performing at live events, whether online or offline, is a great way to improve your expertise quotient. You’ll make the best impression if you are prepared with marketing materials that help move people you meet to your email list.

Launch More Often

Launches always get a lot of attention if you have good products, a fabulous affiliate marketing team, and you’ve created amazing marketing materials to go with it. The more often you launch a new product or event, the more eyes will be on you and your business. What’s more is that launching often means that you’re also making money while building your audience.

The launching process itself builds buzz for your business in every way. For each launch, you’re likely to build a list, host webinars, run ads, and get a lot of interest from everyone – all of which will build your audience faster.

These top three strategies for building your audience quickly will work individually and together. Do them often and do them well, and your audience will grow fast.

Top Three Strategies for Building Your Audience Quickly
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