To measure audience engagement, you need to track likes, shares, growth rate, comments, and activity. That may seem like a lot of tracking to do, but thankfully there are plenty of tools out there to help you measure your audience engagement and ensure that what you’re doing is getting results.

Platform Analytics

Each social media platform has their own analytics features that you can use. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and so forth all offer their own version of analytics with many different features. Even your email autoresponder offers analytics as part of its features to help you know what is working and what is not working. Plus, if you use tools like to manage your social media, you can use those analytics too.

Google Analytics

Everyone’s website should have Google Analytics installed. It offers so many powerful features that we cannot go into them all here. But, you can set it up easily and there is amazing documentation available to learn how to use it. There are also experts who are certified in Google Analytics who can help you set things up better so you can drill down and study engagement in many ways.


This may not seem like a tool, but it is. If you’re having any type of event, you can set up a hashtag that you can use to ensure that you can find their comments. Set up hashtags for all your events and ask them to use it on social media. Then all you have to do is search the hashtag or set up a Google Alert for the hashtag so you can look closely at the engagement.


This online tool will display all your social media messages on one screen so that you can create direct interaction with your visitors in an easy-to-do way. Plus, it offers a lot of stats that you can use to perfect your engagement with others. You can even split your social media messages into positive or negative messages.

Do you have live events where you use a PowerPoint presentation to deliver the event? If so, this audience polling software for PowerPoint is a great addition for helping you measure interactivity of your audience. You’ll give them your special web address to answer the poll, and the results will show up live during the presentation.

Crowdsourcing is a great way to improve your product or your concept for a product. This tool allows your audience to ask questions anonymously, and then you get to choose whether they go live or not. Plus, it gives your audience a way to answer questions that enables you to track the results and measure the engagement.

Measuring audience engagement has a purpose. The purpose is to know for sure that your efforts are paying off for you and your audience. If something is paying off, then you can do more of it knowing it will continue to pay off. If it’s not working, you can stop doing it altogether because it’s not working – thus saving yourself loads of time and effort.

Tools to Measure Audience Engagement
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