One of the responsibilities you have when running a membership website is to keep your members active and engaged. If you do this, you’ll extend the lifetime of the customer beyond the average, thus increasing your income. But also, you’re going to extend the value that you offer your members due to your interaction with them.

Give Some Personal Face Time

Your members probably join mostly because you have shown them in some way that you’re an authority on the topic you’ve chosen. When you give members only personal face time with you via a weekly or even monthly group mastermind, a live presentation, or even Facebook Live, they’re going to really appreciate it and be more likely to stick around and remain engaged.

Be Responsive

You can get help with this in the form of volunteers or paid customer service representatives but in most memberships, having you personally respond to posts that you believe you can add value to is going to engage with members more than if someone else does it. After all, they likely joined due to your presence, not someone else’s.

Start Conversions

Don’t wait for your members to start discussions and conversations on your message board or in your Facebook group. Instead, plan the content you want to share in advance, then have someone schedule it to appear as if you started the conversations. Always go back in and respond, like, and comment on the answers your conversation starter garnered, to show that you’re paying attention.

Keep Educating

Remember your goals with your membership. It’s not about you. It’s about your members. No matter what else you do, remember that it’s all about educating and informing those members. If your interactions do not provide value to them, they will become worthless and self-serving for your ego instead of for the members.

Bring in Outsiders

When you have a good platform to share information with people, it’s a good idea to shake things up and bring in outsiders to share information with your membership. They may have some ideas that are different from yours, but that is okay because the difference is what is going to ignite your membership to be more engaged and active.

Set Up Challenges

No matter what the membership already offers, adding in short-term challenges (and showing a schedule of the challenges to come) will keep your members active and engaged enough that they’re going to want to stay in the membership to participate in the upcoming challenges.

The main way to keep your members active and engaged is for you, your staff, and volunteers to continue to be active and engaged too. The group will follow your lead in terms of how they respond to everything going on in the group. Be the example, and they’ll be more active and engaged than you may have thought possible.

Tips to Keep Your Members Active and Engaged
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