Not all affiliate products are digital. Sometimes people promote products that you can touch and feel and use. For example, the fashion and cooking channels on YouTube often promote tangible products, be they consumables or tools to use. To give a good review for a tangible product, consider these tips.

Promote Only Good Products

This may seem obvious but it’s even more important with tangible products than digital. It’s super-easy to return a digital product if you’re not satisfied, but it takes a lot more work to return a physical product if it doesn’t work out. For that reason, you need to test out the products even more carefully before promoting them. If you come into contact with a poor product you don’t have to review it.

Look at Customer Reviews

This can give you a clue about anything missing from instructions or other problems they may be having, plus good things to say about the product that you may not have noticed. You don’t want to copy any of the reviews, but use them as a guide as to what’s important to the audience.

Give Pros and Cons

Be honest and transparent and try not to just focus on the positive aspects; try to find at least one con when you’re reviewing your product, or people might find the review unreliable and unbelievable. If you talk about the pros and the cons, people will trust you more.

Provide Specific Details

The details are even more important when it comes to tangible products because someone will hold it and see it and smell it just like you are. Try to give them an idea of what the product is like very specifically, to help guide them to ordering it if it solves their problems.

Talk About Similar Products

It’s always a good idea to use a similar product to compare with. This will help you point out benefits and features that you may not have considered. For example, perhaps one brand comes in more colors than the other brand.

Keep the Length Reasonable

Don’t make reviews too long, in my opinion the 800 to 1500 word point is about right for a good review. If it helps you, create a template to use for your reviews so that you fairly cover all the same bases.

Be Transparent

Always be totally honest about whether you’ll earn affiliate income on the products you’re reviewing, whether you paid for them with your own money or whether the company gave them to you free.

Take Your Own Pictures

When you get a real product, it’s always nice to take your own pictures of them so that you can demonstrate how the product really looks compared to the professionally taken photos that the company puts out.

Reviewing tangible products really isn’t that different from reviewing a digital product. But, you’ll want to take your own pictures and really demonstrate how the product works when you can, because that will help convince more people that they need the product.

Tips for Reviewing Tangible Products as an Affiliate
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