Many online marketers start out as affiliates, earning commission for top sites like Amazon and great products like Apple. However, commission rates can vary considerably and many hard-working affiliates start to dream about creating their own digital product online so they can keep 100% of the profits themselves.

So, what is the best way to get started with creating your first digital product? Just follow these steps.


Think of topic/s you know a lot about. Write them down.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Look over your list of topics and rank them in order, from what you know most down to least. Next, rank them according to which topics you are most interested in and feel passionate about.

Choose a Paying Niche

A paying niche is a topic you know people are interested in and spending real money on. Look over your list and jot down a few keywords related to the topics you have come up with. Then go to Amazon and type in the first keyword. Check to see how many books and magazines they have related to that topic. Also check what kind of physical products are being sold.

If you find a lot of items, it is a paying niche. If not, consider the next niche on your brainstorming sheet, and so on, until you find a winner.

Know Your Niche

Once you have chosen a niche, start spending time with people interested in it. Try Facebook or Yahoo! groups, discussion boards and so on. Look at the bestsellers’ lists at Amazon. What kind of titles look really interesting? What do the reviews say? Could you write a better eBook on that topic?

Identify Pain Points

A pain point in a niche is something that people tend to struggle with, especially when they are first starting out. It might be their golf swing, or the best way to potty train their puppy. Think of real needs, and how a digital product could fulfil them.

Choose a Digital Format

You can create:

  • EBooks
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Infographics

…and more.

Choose one, or try them all and create a multimedia course. Having said that, since you want to get your first product to market quickly, a short eBook about a pain point you can address is ideal.

Write the Book

Jot down an outline, flesh out the ideas, and create a copy in Word or another word processing program. If you don’t type very fast, use a dictation program like, review the content for errors, and you have a book.

Design a Cover

If you are good at art, design an attractive cover (you can do this on Amazon Kindle’s interface). Or, hire an outsourced cover designer from

Create a Kindle Account at Amazon

This will be your publisher’s area and help ensure you get paid for all your sales.

Write Marketing Material

Write a description of your book such as you would see on the back of a paperback.

Upload Your Files

Upload the text and cover files separately, or create a cover now in the interface.

Publish and Start Selling

This is the best part. The book is done, now you have to promote it!

Thinking of Creating a Digital Product? Ten Steps to Get Started
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