It’s really easy to get carried away when you start video marketing, I know I did and what started out as a short video ended up an epic forty-five minute one, as I wanted to included everything I possibly could. This however is a mistake, as the optimum video length is just 3 to five minutes. Every video you create should be about one very small topic and not a whole bunch of topics. If you keep thinking of things to add to your video, separate it up into many different videos and create a playlist.

Write a Script

While you should never read a script, it’s always a good idea to write out an idea of what you want to say during the video. This helps you narrow down the real topic and keep on track. Whilst it also ensures that you don’t have to keep talking past the time people are paying attention, because you’re having trouble getting to the point you want to make.

Set a Timer

Set a timer to help you remember the time as you create the video. It can be a silent timer such as a countdown clock on your cell phone to help you simply know how much time has passed, or you can just watch the clock on your computer.

Edit It Down

If you go over time, use the editing functions in your software to cut some things out and make the video the right size. Longer than five minutes can become repetitive and monotonous unless you’re demonstrating something that really takes longer. but then again you can often speed it up to keep your audience’s attention.

Create More Videos

Rather than creating longer videos, create more videos as this not only aids your audience but it also boasts your marketing efforts as you can actually promote each video, this of it like this when marketing with video, more is always better. If you keep them short and on topic, you’ll have more fodder and subject matter for the next video.

Keep Your Focus

Try to stay on focus during your video. Practice will help you get better at this, as will a script. While you aren’t going to read the script, you do want to at least know what you’ll cover in each video. I tend to use bullet points and simply go down them as I am presenting to ensure I remain on topic and focus on the things I wanted to say.

Be Specific

When you are specific about the goals and the point of any one video, you’ll be able to stay on track. This will create a more interesting video and keep your audience entertained at the same time.

Think of the Minutia

Instead of thinking big picture when you make videos, think of the smallest thing and point of information. For example, if you have an outline for an eBook, you may only want to talk about one point on the outline in the video instead of all of them.

Use Images and Text

You can edit a video to be more interesting and get more points across with simple edits using text, images, annotations and more. If they’re linkable, so much the better for engagement with your audience.

Finally, don’t forget to use the description area of the video to incorporate your keywords, link to products, and to fill in any blanks about the topic. You can even link out to a slide share or a some sort of download that has to do with the video if you want to.

Think Small When Making Videos
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