Evergreen content is content that technically can exist with very few updates and still be as accurate and true today as it was when it was written. As we know, in our fast-paced society things are changing very fast. It’s hard to imagine that any type of content could last forever, and perhaps it won’t. But for our purposes, evergreen content will last a long time and help generate traffic for your business, while helping reduce the amount of work you need to do creating and developing content for your niche.

Examples of Evergreen Content

A few examples of evergreen content are definitions, explanations, instructions, resource lists, and frequently asked questions. This is content that everyone needs on their websites anyway, so it’s important to realize that this is the evergreen content that people are talking about when they use that word.

Drives Traffic

One of the reasons you need evergreen content is that it’s a good traffic generator. Content that lives on the net for longer periods of time has more time to get backlinks to it, which in turn helps it get better search engine results. This is especially true if you promote your evergreen content continuously and not only when it’s first created.

Informs Your Audience

A great factor regarding evergreen content is how it informs your audience. Plus, it opens many ways for your audience to find your content via their searches. Since this type of content will remain relevant over time, you can spend more time ensuring it’s well created, promoted, and even reused within other content you create.

Generates Leads

While all types of content will generate leads for your business, evergreen content will keep generating leads long afterwards due to its nature. It’s not about technology that will change quickly; it’s about definitions, facts, and processes. For example, the idea of marketing hasn’t changed much over the years, just the technology that we use to deliver the methods. Picking a niche, finding an audience, and developing content for that audience, has been around since before television.

It Gets Shared

The great thing about evergreen content is that if you set up a schedule to keep promoting it, people will also promote it for you. Due to the timeless nature of the content, it may be shared many more times than content that becomes outdated quickly – without you having to update it. Therefore, it’ll be shared multiple times, often by the same people, just because it’s still relevant.

Generating evergreen content should be one of the things you focus on for your niche – no matter what your niche is. Sometimes you may have to think a little outside the box to ensure that you create content that will last for the long term over content that will be old within a week. That’s one reason we have a 24-hour news cycle; things change fast, so what a relief to be able to create something that stands with time.

The Role of Evergreen Content in Your Content Plan
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