A bonus offer may not take a lot of time or effort to create, but it can have a huge impact on product promotion. This is because there are a lot of products to choose from out there, so your package of bonuses can be the deal sweetener that will help close the sale.

Planning Your Main Product

Whenever you are constructing a product promotion, you need to think first about the main product and its features and benefits. What are you going to include in the main product?

Once you have created the main product outline, it’s time to think about one or more bonus offers that will complement the main offer in some way.

Planning Your Bonuses

The bonus offers should help your customers make the most of what they get in the main product, and also make their lives easier if at all possible.

For example, if you are going to sell an ebook about easy do-it-yourself wedding planning, the bonuses you offer should reflect the material in the ebook and help them follow through.

Your bonuses could therefore include things like:

  • A wedding flower planning sheet
  • Questions to ask a wedding florist
  • An evaluation sheet for catering halls
  • How to decide on the ceremony location
  • Special considerations for an outdoor wedding
  • Planning for a destination wedding
  • Guest lists
  • Invitation and RSVP templates
  • Reception table planner
  • Checklist as you count down to the wedding day

And so on.

As you can see, there are many items that can complement the main product and make the person’s life a great deal easier. Offer them as downloads in various formats, such as RTF and CSV, and your customers will be able to use them no matter what type of computer they have, MAC or PC.

Bonuses Can Clinch the Deal

Sometimes the bonuses can be so powerful, they might even be more attractive than the main offer itself. If you’ve been struggling to make sales with your existing product line, consider offering more bonuses for each item.

Not sure what to offer? Check out what your competition is doing, and do the same, only better.

High-End Bonuses

High-end bonuses will include some form of multimedia element. For example, you might offer audio files of the ebook itself, chapter by chapter, or an interview with a top wedding planner, or a wedding florist.

You might also offer video. How-to videos on what to look for in a wedding venue, types of flowers to consider, wedding fashions for men and women, and so on, can all help the bride-to-be.

A Free Membership Site

A free membership to a site packed with even more information than you have put in your ebook will also be a major bonus that can attract customers. You can pack the membership site with content, photos, images and other premium items you would not just want to give away on your public blog.

If you are getting ready to launch your first product, do not skimp on the bonuses. Make it clear what they are and what the benefits of them will be, and you should soon see sales rolling in.

The Role of a Bonus Offer in Product Promotions
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