Have you ever considered purchasing an email marketing list? It’s something a lot of businesses think they have to do to boast their marketing efforts. But while there are a possibly a few pros, the trust is, the cons far outweigh any pros to buying an email mailing list. It’s so easy to find your audience today using social media platforms like Facebook, so much so that there is no real reason to have to buy a mailing list.

Major Problems with Purchasing Email Lists

Spam risks

If you buy an email list, you’re likely to end up being accused of spam. It’s so much better to earn your audience through other means and make sure you get that double opt-in. When people double opt-in they’re giving you permission to market to them, and that’s so much better.

Old Lists

Most of the time when you buy an email list, it will be kind of old. You’ll get a lot of bounces, and that’s not good for your conversion rate at all. In fact, most of the time the email addresses aren’t even answered. Home addresses aren’t really much better. How many times have you received crazy ads in the mail that were targeted completely incorrectly?

Wrong Target

Many mailing lists just will not be the right target audience. When you send to a list it’s really “cold calling”. The people aren’t primed in any way to receive your messages and likely will not even read them because it’s the wrong target market.

False Security

Often when a business owner buys a list, they are just trying to appear busy. But, they’re skipping some important steps which involves warming up your market, getting them to give you permission to send them education and information. Buying the lists just makes you feel as if you’re doing something.

Some of the Benefits of Working to Grow your Email List

If instead you work toward finding your target audience, delivering to them what they want and need and building your own list with those you’ve spent time warming up, you’ll find that you are much more successful.

Warm Market

When you attract people to sign up for your email list, they have already warmed up to you. They know what they’re getting in exchange for their email address and they’re giving you permission to send them information.

Social Ads

It’ll cost you the same amount of money to buy an outdated list with the wrong target audience as it will for you to run an advertisement on Facebook. But, on Facebook you’ll attract the right audience and actually earn money when people click over what you spent on the click.

It Works

The fact is, attracting your audience to you will work better than trying to force them to be part of your circle. Using low-cost items, webinars, freebies and more to bring your audience to you will always be more fruitful than buying a list.

It’s Not the Dark Ages

Some things need to be put to the side now that we have new ways to do old things better. You do need to have a mailing list, but you should build it with people who have shown interest in what you do or have bought something from you.

I guess what I’m saying is never buy an email mailing list, in fact don’t purchase a SMS mailing list either as that is even worse. But if you must do it, try and purchase a new list and ensure the people on the list actually want to receive the information you’re planning to send to them.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Email Mailing Lists
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