Making the decision to hold a business event is an exciting time. You’re going to have the opportunity to bring your passion and enthusiasm about what you do directly to potential clients. You are going to infect them with that enthusiasm and convert them into paying customers. Best of all, because of your efforts your brands reach is going to increase, as is your bottom line. At the same time, deciding to hold a business event is also somewhat unsettling. There are a thousand and one decisions to be made, all of them important. It is very easy to get quickly overwhelmed.

The good news is that there is no need to be overwhelmed. A successful business event is in the bag if you use a little secret that professional event planners use. That secret is the use of a planning process. You’re probably asking “What the heck is a planning process?” Well, a planning process is nothing more than a series of steps put into a logical order of implementation. It takes its inspiration from the way really big jobs are accomplished. All you do is break everything down into the smallest component parts and then assign responsibility for those tasks along with a completion date. When you use the planning process for your meeting, everything that needs to happen will happen, in order and on time.

The first step in the planning process is to decide on a goal for your event. Before you can plan an effective event you need to know what you hope to achieve from running the event. After you establish a goal, you need to decide on what your return should be for the investment that you made on the event, in both time and money. Your return on investment, or ROI, should be as definite as your goal. It doesn’t matter what the ROI is, it simply has to be a solid and concrete concept.

After the goal and ROI has been established you next need to decide on the date to have your event. This is a fairly simple step, just stay away from major holidays to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Once the date for the event has been set, all that remains is to set a date to start the physical planning process. This date is the jumping off point for the actual promotional campaign that will excite end entice your invitees into registering for your event and becoming attendees.

The Planning Process for Your Business Event
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