When working with influencers, it can help to know and understand what makes an effective online influencer. An online influencer is someone who produces content for a specific audience that they influence by sharing what they like and don’t like. They often share their lives in a very real way that helps them connect with their audience. Often, they’re part of their own demographic and audience too.

An effective influencer will have the attributes:


An effective influencer produces and publishes content on a very consistent basis: if not daily, then very near daily, or at least on a very specific schedule that you know about in advance. Without consistency, it will be hard for an influencer to develop fans that tune in every time they publish something new.


An effective influencer has been around for a little while, usually at least a year. That is a great way to prove that they’re going to stick around and continue to engage with their audience for the long term.

Targeted Audience

They know exactly who they want to attract to consume their content, and work hard to narrow that down to the information that they share. If their audience is not targeted and they’re trying to please everyone, it’ll be difficult to influence anyone.

Quality Content

An effective online influencer produces quality content that keeps getting better. They might start out shaky with bad lighting and sound, but as their channels grow they improve their technique and get better.

Loves Engagement

A super-effective influencer cares about the comments they get on social media, and tends to thank their audience often and answer the questions and comments personally. They don’t engage with trolls and they handle criticism very well.

They’re Trustworthy

A truly effective influencer has no problem coming back to their audience to unrecommend a product or service that they previously thought was great when problems occur. They are very open, honest, and trustworthy.

Product Knowledge

When they talk about products or services, they seem to have done their homework and understand the product they’re recommending. They don’t seem to give overly glowing recommendations or overly harsh ones. They are fair and know a lot about the topic and product.

Provide Value

A really important attribute of an effective online influencer is the ability to provide value to their audience and to the people who want to hire them as influencers. They love serving and they show it through their passionate engagement with anyone who asks them questions.

Choosing the right influencers to work with means that you need to know what is important to you, but in general, these attributes of effective online influencers should be your base expectation for picking an influencer to help market your products and services in an organic yet effective way.

The Most Important Attributes of Effective Online Influencers
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