Despite the rise of social media and our obsession with texting, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to connect with prospective customers and existing customers. The problem however, is that it’s a competitive marketing arena and in order to succeed you need to be savvy if you want your email to get opened rather than simply deleted.

Here are a few of the most common email marketing mistakes people make, avoid these and you should be able to market via email successfully.

A Bad Subject Line

The best email in the world will never get read if you have a bad subject line. Think interesting, attention-grabbing, and designed to make them curious.

Not Using Personalization

Personalization is easy. Just add the code specified by your email marketing platform. It makes them much more likely to open the email.

A Poor Opening Line

Once they see the subject line and personalization, they will be more confident you are not spam. However, these days, popular email readers like Gmail and Yahoo! show a preview of the first line of the email, so be sure it is interesting and relates to the subject line.

Being Too Long-Winded

People are busy, so get to the point quickly.

Not Having a Clear Goal for the Email

Have a clear reason for sending every email – beyond thinking you have to send one out for the sake of it.

Not Having a Clear Call to Action

Not having a goal will often mean not having a clear call to action (CTA). What do you want them to do once they have read the email? Don’t make them guess. Tell them! “Buy now”, “Share with a friend”, “Click to read more”, “Go to URL to take the survey”, and so on, would all be good examples of clear CTAs depending on your goal.

Not Segmenting Your List

List segmentation helps you refine your email marketing. It is important to build a list when you are first starting out in business, but as your business grows, it might be time to start segmenting them by specific interests.

For example, if you work in the internet marketing niche, some people might sign up for your free ecourse on getting traffic to your site, others on search engine optimization (SEO) and still others about email marketing. Keep providing similar content and paid products to those lists.

It is also important to split out your paying customers from your prospects in order to improve your marketing. For example, imagine a customer has bought product A. Put them on a customer list and never send them a promotion for A again.

Overdoing the Promotional Emails

Most subscribers are hungry for information. Don’t keep sending out sales letters for your products all the time. Of course, the goal is to make sales, but you can just add a discreet contextual link at the bottom of the email rather than bombard them day after day with ads.

Avoid these common mistakes and you should soon have happy, responsive email lists related to your niche.

The Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make
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