Businesses need to generate a consistent number of leads and sales, gone are the days when traditional advertising was all that was needed. Today’s consumers have been bombarded with advertisements so much so, that they are now almost blind to them.

Everyone and anyone it seems from beginners to experts are trying to use social media and technology to generate leads; however, consumers are growing weary of being so disconnected. Even with the onset and popularity of social media, there is no better way than public speaking to generate leads and sales.

Up Front and Personal

People want more social media interaction and less interaction by email and texting. Many individuals are becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of social skills and old fashioned manners that other individuals they interact with maintain.

People today are looking for that up front and personal contact. Just ask anyone you meet on the street if they are frustrated at best with making a telephone call today. It won’t take you long to find one that longs for the day when they can speak to an actual person without having to go through some sort of automated system, pressing buttons and such like. In fact some of the banks have picked up on this and have changed the way they do things to meet this demand.

When you speak publicly you have the option to show facial expressions, your body language, the inflection in your voice and the enthusiasm of what or whom you are selling. Traditional advertising, the internet and social media are missing this key ingredient and to be honest, public speaking is fun and this comes across and is infectious to your audience.

Reinforcing the Message

At many events you have the opportunity to speak with your audience after the event, this gives you the opportunity to speak with individuals you may have noticed that were unaffected or affected by your presentation. This gives you a second chance to promote yourself to this person thus giving you a second bite of the cherry so to say. And of course you see both those individuals who showed and interest and those that did not, you can then tailor who you follow up with in order to gain potential customers.

I’m fortunate in that I know my subject matter inside and out and I love to work with an audience as I am public speaking, if I find that what I wanted to present isn’t generating the interest I expected with this audience I will change the stories I am using to what they show me with their body language they are interested in hearing. The added benefit to this type of public speaking is that I am often swamped with individuals fighting for my attention once a presentation is over.

Handouts and Tripwires

At a public presentation, you have the opportunity to give out handouts that outline your message or information about your product. Having something in print to go along with your dynamic speaking abilities will only reinforce the benefits of why that consumer needs your message or product in the first place. This can be a complete win/win situation especially if you use some form of tripwire marketing, this typically takes the form of a low cost book aimed at converting audience members into customers, who can then be sold higher costing products.

As we all learn differently, some by listening, some by touching, and others by reading. This works to reach the customer on many more levels than just a simple advertisement or social media campaign. With so much competition out there, you will want to make sure that you cover all the bases for generating leads and sales. Public speaking does this on many levels.

The Importance of Public Speaking
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