Microtargeting is a marketing strategy that utilizes consumer data and demographics to identify the interests of individuals or small groups of like-minded individuals and influence their actions or thoughts. An important aspect of a microtargeting campaign is to know the preferred communication channel of the targeted individuals.

Most people reading this will have experience microtargeting in the form of paid political automated robotic phone calls, and emails from political organizations. This is simply taking the idea of the customer of one, to the extreme. While you might not be interested in the messages from political campaigns, microtargeting works extremely well, if it didn’t they wouldn’t spend millions of dollars doing it. As a small business owner you can also take advantage of microtargeting and you owe it to yourself to do so.

No, you don’t need to make irritating phone calls at while people are relaxing with their families, but you can use microtargeting in several ways as part of your overall online marketing campaigns. Probably one of the best known ways that you can engage in microtargeting is via Facebook Advertisements and Retargeting Ads. These types of ads are directed to the visitor due to activity they you took, or due to the advertiser singling the visitor out using their demographics.

Small Businesses Can Use Microtargeting Too

As a small business you can take advantage of microtargeting using your email marketing software too, if you send out a poll to your audience to collect more information. You can also look at their behavior and then use this information to make assumptions about future behavior. All microtargeting really is, is using the consumer’s behavior to predict future behavior, or their demographics to single them out for highly targeted information, often leading to sales.

Using whatever consumer data you have gathered to identify and influence individuals or small groups of people towards purchasing your products or using your services isn’t anything new. What however is new, is the technology available that makes this one of the most powerful forms of marketing the world has ever known. Microtargeting can improve your sales dramatically, and it is most definitely something every business should be doing and not avoiding.

Give away a white paper or something

People are more willing to share their information in exchange for a gift of something of perceived value, this is why lots of people give things away. The real secret is to not ask too many questions and most definitely no more than five questions, it basically works like this, the more questions you ask the fewer people will complete your survey, ask too many and no one will complete it, and fewer and lots of people will. If you look at my own website you can see that at most I ask for a name and email address as that fills my initial needs and my conversion rate is higher than average.


Many businesses are using this form of microtargeting when sending personalized email messages to the people they know. Once you have a name and email address you can use software to automatically personalize the emails you send out, which results in more people reading them and if you are smart you can start to survey your list to gather more information. If you act in small doses while giving them something of value, which could consist of information in the email, they are more likely to give you the information you require.

Facebook Advertisements

You can use Facebook and their vast amount of information on their members to microtarget specific demographics. Try doing it for a campaign and see whether or not it works well for your needs, it really is something to behold. For example, if you want to reach mothers wanting to learn how to earn money from home, you’ll send your ad out only to mothers who stay at home, or perhaps even mothers who work outside the home.


If you have your own group on LinkedIn, you can engage in microtargeting by creating an ad campaign that targets only members of your group. This is a great way to market a new product or service just to your group of connections. (By the way, you can also do this and much more microtargeting on Facebook.)

Remember, if microtargeting is good enough for political campaigns, and by the way, Visa (who also microtargets consumers), then it’s good enough for you. Imagine bringing back visitors who came to your site with an appropriate Facebook Ad, or sending ads only to a select group of people who are likely to respond positively, without wasting money on people who won’t, isn’t that the best form of advertising…

The Importance of Microtargeting Your Audience
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