Being authentic in marketing should be simple, right? But the truth is, it’s not so simple because marketing is evolving faster than marketers can keep up. Hyperbole in marketing used to be normal. It even had a term – “blowing smoke” – and is technically legal even though it’s exaggerating to make your brand look better than it is.

Today, with Yelp reviews, other online reviews and the demand for honesty from consumers, you must be more authentic than ever before. Let’s look at the reasons authenticity in marketing are important today.

It Promotes Trust

When you’re authentic in your marketing and people learn that you are, they’re going to tell others when buying your products. This means that you’re going to end up with a lot higher trust quotient than someone who oversold their products and ended up with bad reviews. The “under-promise and over-deliver” method is something you should look to in terms of your marketing.

You’ll Convert More

When your sales page looks more authentic, you’re going to convert more often. Consumers are becoming less fooled and penetrable by the hype and hoopla that is used by a lot of marketers. This is especially true by the biggest audience we’ve ever seen on earth: Millennials.

Improved Engagement

Authenticity drives engagement because you’re going to be open enough to communicate with customers and prospects alike. It’s easier to engage with others when you are just being true to yourself and your brand and you know yourself and your brand voice.

You’ll Do What You Promise

When you’re an authentic business person and owner, you’ll always do what you said you’d do. If you said refunds with no questions for 90 days, you’ll do exactly that. The thing is about these types of promises is that you’d think most people would not make them if they weren’t going to do them, but sometimes it’s just a lie and they have fine print. The other thing is that such behavior will get around and you can ruin your business.

Honesty Is Always Best

It may seem like an obvious thing to say but the honesty is always better than fudging the truth, exaggerating the truth, or just out-and-out lying. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be mean about the truth. For example, if someone asks you a question where telling the absolute truth would harm them, then try telling them the truth in a gentler way that is at least less harmful.

You Can Show You Care

When you’re a truly authentic person, you’re comfortable with showing your feelings and that you care about people. This applies even when you don’t know them. It will come through in your sales pages, your FAQs, and when dealing directly with problems that your customers or prospects are having when they send you a question. Caring shows through in your actions.

Your Branding Will Be More Consistent

When you’ve developed an authentic brand based on truth, caring, your audience, and what you do for them, it’s going to be easier to be more consistent. This is an outlandish example but it will help you understand more. You know those ads with the sports cars, big houses, and money lying around – how do those make you feel? More than likely not good if you’re an authentic person.

Customers Demand It

Today’s consumers demand that you’re honest, authentic, and transparent. They follow you on social media, they leave reviews, they tell their friends and they really will stop buying from you if they learn that you’re not honest, treat others badly, and have not been open.

Being authentic is a must today. It’s too risky to do anything else. There are companies that are failing every single day because word got around that the business owner or commercials or marketing was not authentic. Today, you can find out anything online about anyone or any brand. And if you’re not authentic, your customers will find out.

The Importance of Authenticity in Marketing
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