Crafting a vision statement for your business is one of the first things you should do as you create your business plan. The vision statement will guide most of your decisions to ensure that you reach your goals and work toward succeeding at your vision. It will help you in many ways.

A vision statement can be one sentence or up to a paragraph, but should not be too long. It should explain the core values that drive you to do what it is that you do. It tells the big-picture statement about your business and where it’s going.

  • Provides Your Business Direction  – Because your vision statement describes the overarching goals of your business into the future (five or even ten years from now), you’ll be able to know the direction of your business just by reading your vision statement. It can help solidify answers to questions as they come up so that you stay in the right direction.
  • Your Business Will Stand Out More – You can put your vision statement on your website, social media accounts, and on literature that you create. A great vision statement can make your business stand out for what it does.
  • You’ll Attract Partners That Fit Better – When you have a vision statement that people can read and that you know by heart, you can attract partners that fit better. For example, if someone wants to work for a company committed to global dominance in clean energy by 2040, they may apply for the job.
  • It Creates a Positive Tone for Your Business – A vision statement is positive by nature because it assumes complete success for your vision. When you read your vision statement, which you will likely want to put on a plaque, you will feel motivated to succeed.
  • Focuses on Your Business’s Future – A vision statement is all about visualizing your business at its apex. When your business succeeds, what does it look like? The vision statement should answer that question.
  • Helps You Make Better Choices and Decisions – A vision statement can help you know when to say yes and when to say no. When any question of direction comes up, just read your vision statement. It should help you answer the question correctly.

Creating a vision statement is about the “big hairy goals” for your business. It’s the big-picture view of your business and indicates where you’re heading or want to head with your business. By creating a great business vision or mission statement, you’ll be a lot better off than most businesses who skip this step. A vision statement is an essential component to your success.

The Importance of a Vision Statement for Your Business
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