Everyone in business creates products or services, do you do it by yourself without any input from others such as your colleagues, sub-contractors, employees, and current customers. It’s fun to be in creation mode, you’re making what you think will be products or services that will revolutionise your business and potentially your industry, and brings a lot of value to your clients. However, perhaps you are so far into your own world that you cannot see anyone else’s opinion but your own.

Look Outside of Your Own World

Every business owner has their own opinion about what a good product is, what looks good and what works for a particular niche market. You have your own likes and dislikes, perhaps you love the colour red. You might assume your new product should be red in colour, and choose it simply because it’s your favourite colour. However, that’s your opinion and you could be missing out on a larger, wider audience. It’s imperative that you look outside of your own world (bubble) so you can clearly see what your target audiences, desires and wants are.

Your Target Audience Is What Matters Most

As business owners we sometimes think we know everything about our target market, however if you fail to conduct market research such as the colour our audience prefers, we could potentially be alienating most of our target market without even realising it, simply by allowing your opinion to cloud the importance of your message to your audience. If you want your audience to perceive your services and products as irreplaceable necessities, then you need to let go of your own perceptions and opinions and allow them to share theirs with you. The simple fact is this, your own opinion might be based in numerous years’ experience, but for the most part, your opinion doesn’t matter, your target audiences does as they have the ultimate power, to buy or not.

Emotions Affect Purchasing Choices

It’s important to understand that people are emotional and you need to remember that the emotions a person feels, when they come across your service or products actually affects what they buy. If you’ve created your products and services based only on your own opinion of what is needed by your target audience, you might have set yourself up for a massive disappointment. They may not agree with your opinion, the presentation of the products and services and choose to move away from your sales page as a result.

People Make Their Minds Up Quickly

You’ve been to enough website sales pages, to know that the minute you land on it, you know if you are going to buy or not. It usually isn’t a choice you’ve consciously made. Some of the content on the page, the way it was designed made you believe that you needed the product or service right away, so you purchased it. Almost without fail (99%), if you move away to another website you will never come back.

As long as you remember how quickly judgments are made, and take other people’s opinions into consideration, you can improve upon your ideas to reflect what our audience’s desires and needs are.

Every opinion you have affects your products and the perception of your audience on your products and services, because they also have their own views about things. By allowing yourself to take into account the opinions of others while creating products and services, you can open up whole new possibilities.

How Your Opinion Affects How Your Products and Services Are Perceived
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