The Cost of MicromanagingThe fact is, that micromanaging can ruin a business. It can take down the largest business or the smallest business. You’ve probably met people who are micromanagers, or worked for them. They put their mark on every aspect of the work even when they don’t even know how to do it themselves. Often, their advice is wrong. But, no one can tell them. They tend to believe that they’re very productive, but the truth is they’re harming the business. This is especially sad when it’s their very own business.

Micromanagers aren’t bad people. They really do want what’s best for their business. They’re just unaware. But, if they can be shown that the cost of micromanaging could be their entire business, often they can be convinced.

If you fear you’re a micromanager, listen up. You can stop. You really can’t do everything. You can have a great business when you let go of it.

These are the costs of micromanaging:

Loss of Opportunity

If no one else can say that something is done but you, that means that you are working at a much slower pace than you could. For example, if you outsource content writing, and you must personally edit every page, you’ll never be able to work at a high enough volume to make enough money. Instead, hire people that you can trust; hire editors that do their job. Spot check if you want to ensure work is being done accurately to your standards, but once you know you’ve hired the right person you shouldn’t need to.

Bottlenecks Happen Regularly

When someone micromanages, then everyone else is waiting on the micromanager. If the micromanager must approve every single aspect of a project before moving to the next level, lots of people will be spending time waiting for the manager. This is a waste of time and money that can easily be avoided by hiring experts who know what they’re doing and who you trust. If you’ve hired experts and you don’t trust them, you need to practice doing it and let go so that you can improve your business.

Team Confidence Is Affected

One issue with micromanaging is that it can poorly affect team confidence. When your team’s confidence is affected in that way (even down to individual level), they will become incapable of doing the job without you because obviously they want to please you. Therefore, you must let go to avoid this problem. No one is 100 percent perfect always, but micromanaging stops the growth of your team, which will stunt the growth of your business. Instead, you want to motivate your team to do more.

Your Skills Are Poorly Used

You have a skill set that you’re using poorly by micromanaging others. If you’re checking graphic design or editing copy when you’re neither a graphic designer or a copywriter, you’re misusing resources. Do what you’re good at and let the people you’ve picked do what they’re good at so that your skills are also used best. You should be managing, which doesn’t mean putting your stamp on everything. Instead, it means leading and guiding using documentation to train everyone about your values and missions.

Finally, if you micromanage then more people will leave, and turnover will be excessive. It always costs more to find more experts than it does to work with the ones you have in a way that motivates them, builds your business, and uses yours and everyone’s skills effectively.

If you have trouble letting go, consider hiring a project manager or business manager that will run everything for you more efficiently.

The Cost of Micromanaging
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