Is it better to broadcast your ad to everyone or is it better to utilize targeted ads which give a greater return on investment. Look at it like this, if you advertise on the television and are selling baby diapers, it doesn’t matter how many advertising slots you purchase if someone doesn’t have a baby. If, on the other hand, someone indicates within one of their social media network that they are an expectant mother or have a child under one, chances are they would be interested in diaper ads, special offers, coupons and more.

Facebook Advertising in my opinion (there might be others) offers the most targeted of all the pay-per-click (PPC) systems you can use. They collect data about their users’ behavior regularly and use that data to help match the right ads and content to the right people who are genuinely interested in a niche or topic, or have a real need for certain classes of items such as baby supplies.

Put Your Ad in Front of People Who Are Looking for You

One of the main reasons online marketing has been so successful is that it is so highly targeted. People use keywords to search for information and products. This has been revolutionary, because ads and content are able to be matched to what people are already looking for.

With TV ads, you’re shown whatever ads are put into whatever time slots the advertisers can afford. With targeted PPC ads, you have two choices for paying. One is to pay by impressions, for example, a price per 1,000 times (M) that the ad is shown. This is often labeled CPM. Or, you can pay per click, in which case you would calculate the cost per click, or CPC.

Facebook Ads Are Easy to Create

One of the reasons Facebook ads are so successful is that they are easy to create. There are three ways to do it.

1. Create it from scratch

Facebook has a range of templates to help you. Set your target audience, create your ad, and publish it. In most cases, all you will need to create a great-looking ad is:

  • An image
  • A headline
  • Text
  • A URL where they can click to learn more

2. Create an ad from your Facebook page

You can click to promote your page through Facebook ads. Just set the target audience and Facebook does the rest. Promoting your page will get you more page likes and followers, which means more people seeing your content. This gives you even more chance of engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares for the posts you are publishing. Be sure you have a great-looking Facebook page for your business and see how your audience can grow.

3. Create an ad from one of your popular Facebook posts

Facebook rewards businesses for the amount of engagement they are getting. If you have a post your audience really seems to love, you can “boost” it into an ad. Facebook will usually show a little icon that says the post is doing better than X% of your other posts, such as 75%, and suggest a budget to help you grow your audience by Y visitors. Target the kind of visitor you want and publish the ad.

Facebook Ads Are Attractive

Facebook ads are attractive, so they do catch the eye. They also strongly resemble the organic content at the site; that is, the results in a person’s news feed.

Facebook Ads Are Organic

Because the ads are organic, people don’t tend to develop the same “banner blindness” as they do with other forms of ads that blink, flash or cover over the content users are trying to read. The only real difference between the ads in the news feed and on the right-hand column, and the other content, is the word “sponsored”.

No other network that I am aware of, is as targeted as Facebook Ads. Take the time to learn how to use the interface and see what a difference it can make to your business.

The Benefit of Targeted Facebook Ads
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