Writing great copy is a skill that every content marketer should learn. In fact I’d go so far as to say if you create any type of content such as customer focused emails, quotes, etc. then these same skills and tactics apply to you as well.

The following list is a short overview of what it takes to write good copy.

Understanding your target audience

Doesn’t everything start with understand who your target audience is, the fact is that it is much easier to write content to engage someone when you have some background information on them. You should try and come up with a mental image of who they are, their problems, concerns, success factors and the things they like and dislike.

You always want to know the answers to these two questions.

  • Why should your customer buy this product and
  • What’s in it for them?

You should try and find a way to make your copy stand out and get noticed, look at similar articles, sales copy and look for an angle, opinion or hook that is different and of interest to your target audience.

Every single piece of copy that you create has to have a specific purpose, and of course you want your audience to purchase from you. But think about helping to solve issues and problems by offering solutions.

Spend the time required to Craft a Good Headline

It doesn’t matter how good your copy is, if your headline is week the vast majority of your audience will never move past the headline to read the body of content. Give your audience a good reason to open your copy and devour the content, be this emails, articles or some other form of copy.

Use headings and sub headings

These help to first break up your copy, they also help to highlight the benefits of the product. Remember the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question and remember that people seldom read large bodies of text as they scan copy until they find something that interests them.

Avoid using filler or fluffy words

Don’t use words such as maybe, hope, wish, try could and perhaps, instead you want to create concise sentences that are short and contain words such as will and can.

Always write your copy in the present tense.

Instead of saying ‘was chosen’ use the word ‘receive’. Using the present tense really helps to add strength to your entire copy.

Use testimonials or customer quotes

This really helps to add proof to your copy and if possible try to include a photo of the person. If you can make these people seem real to your potential customers with links to their LinkedIn profiles for example, the better your copy will convert. It also helps to add where the person lives by city or state, always get permission first before adding testimonials.

Once your copy is finished always read it out loud.

Either you can do this or have someone else read it for you. When you read your copy if you stumble over a section, go back and edit it until it flows smoothly. If someone else reads it, see if they are compelled to purchase it, if not, tweak it!

By applying these basic concepts to each piece of copy you write you should have no trouble in increasing the conversion rate of turning audience members into customers.

The Basics of Creating Good Copy
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